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Trekking helps to change your behavior

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by Bipin Baloni

Summary - Have you ever thought about the lurking beneficial properties of Trekking? Read the blog to discover how trekking can help you to change your own behavior.

There are infinite ways to react to statements, to actions, to consequences, to results, to people, but we choose our own way. Why wouldn't you? After all, we all have the right to enjoy the freedom of our speech and expression.

Your gestures may or may not hurt the other person, but it will surely give them a reason to remember you for a long-term. It could either be a sour or a sweet memory. Since you cannot please everybody on this planet, you can at least try to put your best foot forward. Even though you are not accustomed to being liked by everyone, your social behavior somewhere affects your own mental health.

This blog post is not directing you towards being socially-acceptable; instead it's revealing the natural characteristics which you and the mountains can have in common. (more…)


A New Hope of Students Suffering Trauma

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by Dr. Scott F. Terry & David Shapiro

New Study in Psychological Reports: Transcendental Meditation (TM) Significantly Reduces Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression in Students

Before practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM), it was mayhem at our school. A lot of fights were going on, basically every day. People were not friendly, they were mean. When I learned it I noticed it was different, because TM is not just closing your eyes, it is deeper than that. It makes you feel better, makes you more energized and it takes away all your stress. It really, really helps. – 7th grade student

I used to be really fidgety, I used to move a lot, couldn't' stay in my seat for very long. Now after meditating I can sit down for a whole class without standing up. Before practicing TM, it was hard for me to concentrate; after practicing TM, I could concentrate very well. – 7th grade student

These children live in communities and go to schools where violence threatens the children and puts them at risk for accumulating high levels of stress and even suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, a chronic and debilitating condition, arises from life-threatening and deeply traumatic events: war, sexual abuse, violence and natural disasters. Symptoms include nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, fear, hyper-vigilance, emotional numbness, anger, and violent behavior, often leading to the abuse of drugs and alcohol. PTSD is a chronic, debilitating condition that may last a lifetime if not treated effectively. (more…)


3 Proven Methods To Manifest Your Desires With Positive Energy

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by Aaron Lin

A significant part of making manifestation and the law of attraction work for you lies in positive energy and positive vibrations. However, harnessing positive energy is a lot easier said than done – after all, the human mind is naturally inclined to question. Personally, I like to think of it as the price we have to pay for consciousness.

Yet, we don’t have to be Einstein-level intelligent to create positive energy in our lives, and neither do we have to completely shut off our brains either! So, how can we develop that “shift” in our minds that overcomes the currents of what feels natural to us, and finally start producing potent, positive energy in our lives?

So, here’s how you can make the law of attraction work in your favour by implementing these 3 proven methods that will set your mind to vibrate at positive frequencies! (more…)


Is being overwhelmed actually hurting you?

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by Debra Meehl

As spiritual beings having a human experience, how do we reconcile our spiritual essence with human existence? How do we cope with the everyday in light of our divine heritage?

In the era of new age spirituality, we have developed a pervading but misguided notion that enlightenment only appears as and through continual, unshifting peace, harmony, and contentment. We have come to cling to the erroneous idea that by distancing oneself from the negatively perceived side of humanity we evolve beyond our humanness, becoming something higher or better.  But if you are occupying a human body, it is impossible to experience only one side of existence.

The point of our existence in these flesh suits is the experience itself. Our spirits are a reflection and manifestation of the divine, seeking to learn and to know itself; all of itself, in the perfect timing and unfolding of divine flow. This means that there is a time for everything – “…  a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance…” (more…)


It’s Not Enough to Evolve Yourself

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by Catherine Auman

The self-improvement business is booming. Videos, books, classes, teleseminars, newsletters, gyms, get-away weekends: the opportunities to improve yourself are endless. Whether it’s diet, fitness, attractiveness, ability to make money, relationships, or sexual skills, there is a myriad of offerings at all price points.

People are caught up in the self-improvement business, but nobody seems to ask what are we improving ourselves for? (more…)


How A Local Psychic Can Help You Lead a Problem-Free Life

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What if there was this magical key to solve all your life’s problems? What if there was a way to know what hinders your life, discover it and cast it away for good? If you are an average human being, you have probably wondered about your life on more occasions than you can imagine. Who are you? What is your purpose? What are your virtues and vices? How can you lead a better, more successful life? There are ways to gain deep insight into your life, and there is more than one way in which a true psychic reading can help you: (more…)


Online Psychic Readings – Chat vs. Phone

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Ever since the beginning of time, a lot of people have always been interested in getting psychic readings. As much as possible, they would want to consult with psychics who can see into the future and are more intuitive so that they can make the right decisions, the right choices in life. Basically, with psychic readings, what the psychic would do is it will start to read a person’s energy. The energy will determine the type of life that people will have based on their soul energy alone. (more…)


How to Find the Right Wife

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By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Everyone said David was very lucky. When his grandfather had died David had inherited a sailboat, an expensive car and lots of money. Two years later when David’s grandmother died David inherited a big house and lots of jewelry. Because he lived in a big house, and had a sailboat, and an expensive car and lots of money, there were lots of girls who liked David. Everyone said that David was a very lucky young man.

But David didn’t think so. David thought he was very unlucky. All the girls that he fell in love with turned out to be wrong for him. He married one beautiful girl and then got divorced when he realized that she was very stubborn, self-centered and materialistic.

He broke his engagement with another beautiful girl who was very jealous, liked to drink too much, and was mean and nasty to his parents. As the years went by and he was unable to find the right woman David began to despair of ever becoming a happily married man. (more…)


Simplify your life

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By Lt Col R K Langar

Greatness lies in simplicity as great things are always simple. Simplicity aims at present day things as they are without complicating  them by showing your command over language or grammar. Simple statement and writing are easily understood and when things are clearly understood, they are well assimilated. Simplicity is directly linked with your inner life. When your inner life is anchored on virtues like Truth, love, purity,  righteousness and peace, your expression becomes simple and straight forward. Then Truth becomes centre of all your activities.  Truth becomes your guide. The life of a simple person is an open book where there is nothing to hide any thing from any one. A simple person attracts others with his inner beauties. Unless you practice moral virtues and use them in your conduct, You cannot be branded as a simple person. (more…)


Healthy Activity: Antidote to Life Problems

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by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Problems are placed before you so you can overcome them.
- A. Hussain


When life is kicking our butt and things seem out of control; and we are worn down by every day problems, how can belief in something beyond self, help us reach higher?

Healthy activity has long been known as a corrective to some of the problems of daily life. Simply by switching our attention from the problem to something more enjoyable or taking purposeful action targeted at solving the problem; many times our mood becomes lighter and more positive. (more…)