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Roswell 60 years on - the mystery deepens

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This month sees the 60th anniversary of the most famous unresolved UFO mystery of them all, ie Roswell. It is said that a UFO crashed near the city of Roswell, New Mexico, USA, and that debris of the craft as well as bodies of aliens were recovered by the US military. The US government has repeatedly denied this version of events, claiming instead that what crashed was a research balloon.

A recent interesting twist comes from a sworn affidavit from Walter G Haut, public information officer at Roswell base during the Roswell incident, to be released only after his death. Haut passed away in 2005 and the affidavit, now public, reveals a military cover-up and that he witnessed first hand both the alien craft and the bodies of its crew.

The universe is certainly a big place, and though intelligent life may be sparse it is highly arrogant to consider it limited to earth. It is also highly arrogant to assume that no life more intelligent than ourselves exists elsewhere. Given the likelihood it does. isn't there a possibility that it happens to be aware of us and has an interest in our development?

Alternatively, isn't it strange how reports of UFOs increased dramatically during the military expansionism of the cold war and development of faster, more efficient flying machines on earth?


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