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Hugo Chavez (1954 - 2013)

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by Benjamin Creme

A tribute to this "simple man who became a national hero." April 2013

Hugo ChavezHugo Chavez was a simple man who became a national hero, much loved by the majority of the poorer people of Venezuela. He is said by Western media commentators to have been 'controversial', suggesting some failures or outlandish behaviour on his part. He was a nationalist who thought in global terms. He was a simple man from simple beginnings, who took upon himself, through love of his country and people, the role of benefactor. He was a man of great ideals who sought to reverse the terrible poverty of millions of his fellow countrymen, to stand up for them and their right to life.

Chavez used, as is well known, the profits of the huge oil resources of Venezuela to overcome the poverty that roused the ardour of his compassion. For this he was loved by his people and loathed by those greedy forces whose hatred of 'socialism' retards the transformation for the better of this world. He was a hero and a democrat, who sought power only for the benefit of his brothers and sisters.

He is accused by his enemies of leaving his country, potentially rich, with enormous debts. But these accusations come from countries like the US and Britain and others who themselves have enormous debts. Britain owes billions and US debts are measured in trillions. Other countries have their poor, but they do not have a Chavez to support them.

Benjamin Creme, source: © Share International



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