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Akashic Records

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Accessing the Akashic Records and Understanding Their Influence upon the Present

The Akashic Records are a Spiritual concept describing the collective store of the totality of information. Akashic Records exist for all levels of reality – individual souls, nations, races, planets..., and the manifest universe as a whole.

An individual soul usually has many incarnations in order to perfect its purpose. The minutiae of experience of each incarnation is held in the individual’s Akashic Record, along with that individual’s life purpose blueprint.

Our Akashic Records hold hidden details that may exert an unseen influence upon its current incarnation. An obvious example is where someone drowned in a previous existence and exhibits an irrational fear of water in this life. Certain souls, forming a soul family, often incarnate together in widely varying relationships; eg a child in this life may previously have been a parent. More dramatically former mortal enemies often find themselves thrown together with unaccountably strong feelings of negativity towards each other. The Akashic Records can provide insight to resolving such conflicts.

A closely related concept is that of Karma. The term Karma originated in Eastern philosophy but is widely known (if not completely understood) in the West. Karma is simply the law of cause and effect.

Seeming misfortune is sometimes explained away as bad Karma, as though some kind of punishment for misdeeds of the past (either in the current life or a previous one). But Karma, and the Akashic Records, are completely non-judgmental. Karma may well manifest itself in the present, but only in the form of unfinished business seeking a conclusion, not to beat us up. Though it can be hard to grasp at the time, every unpleasant experience carries a valuable lesson.

Each one of us, as incarnate entities, simultaneously exists at multiple levels of varying density or frequency; eg the densest level is the physical body, going up through the etheric, astral, psychic etc to the divine or source level at which we are one with God.

In normal consciousness our attention is limited to the physical level of existence. This allows us to focus on the core business of incarnation. To be aware of all the levels at one time would be akin to having the phone ringing, someone at the door, the baby crying, the stew boiling over etc; ie it would be overwhelming. Additionally, it is part of our life purpose to work towards rediscovery of our Spiritual nature, and if it weren’t hidden we’d be denied the experience of finding our “way home”.

The old saying can’t see the wood for the trees describes being so close to a situation that the bigger picture is obscured. It is only by moving up a level that the true nature of what lies below is revealed. (NB the classic novel Flatland provides a superb geometric illustration of the principle.)

Higher levels of awareness, including knowledge of one’s Akashic Record, may be attained through the practice of meditation and in particular developing the ability to shut off the constant, and usually inane, chatter of the conscious mind.

Learn How to Meditate

Once you have mastered the technique of quietening the mind you can access your personal Akashic Records by visualizing a massive library or hall of learning. See it as a substantial and ancient building. Approach it from the outside, admiring the magnificence of the architecture. Feel yourself climbing the stairs, entering the huge front doorway, and finding yourself in an imposing chamber housing countless scrolls in endless rows of shelves.

At this point, focus on the question you wish to ask of your Akashic Record. You are drawn to one particular aisle, shelf, and scroll that seems to be glowing more brightly than the others. Carefully removing the scroll from its shelf, unroll it, and read carefully what is written upon it.

When you have absorbed the information replace the scroll carefully and say a word of thanks to the hall of learning for sharing its wisdom. Visualize yourself making your way back to the entrance hall and leaving the building in the knowledge that you can return as many times as you desire.


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