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Reincarnation: an Introduction

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Q: What would you like to say about reincarnation?  Is this something from your framework that you accept or believe?

Once again, it does not matter what a traveler believes; the operative aspect is if this is a reality or potential of the situation?

Because much has been written about reincarnation and much has been proliferated as a control mechanism, we will discuss those issues most pertinent to our present western life.

However before beginning, it is important to keep in mind that in some societies this teaching was used and is used as a method to control a population by declaring something like. “Travelers must be content with their present status because it is what they earned; in future lives they have unlimited potential and can gain in material benefits.”  (more…)


Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. - reviewed

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by Doug Simpson

Dr. Weiss graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School. He is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida. A nationally recognized psychiatrist, he risked his reputation by going public with the story of his personal experiences with a seriously-traumatized, intellectual young lady he has called Catherine. After endless months of minimal success in dealing with Catherine’s phobias and resulting traumas, he resorted to deep hypnotic therapy and the unexpected happened. Catherine, without any prompting, commenced talking about her past lifetimes. At first Dr. Weiss could not believe what he was hearing and sought all sorts of alternative explanations for the source of the information that freely flowed through his difficult-to-help patient. To make his case against reincarnation even more difficult, over a short period of time Catherine commenced to systematically shed her phobias as she uncovered their origins in past lifetimes. Dr. Weiss was very relieved when he eventually confided his unthinkable discoveries to a few close colleagues and they conceded that they too had made similar discoveries but were also reluctant to go public with them. (more…)


Why Don’t We Remember Past Lives?

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

The book of your life
Is filled with many blank pages;
You are free to write on them
Whatever you choose.


People do not remember past lives for several different reasons. (more…)


Reincarnation: New Evidence

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by Rabbi Allen S. Maller

A rather unusual form of evidence for reincarnation comes from the Jewish mystical tradition; the Kabbalah. Unlike Buddhism and Hinduism, Kabbalah does not teach that reincarnation (gilgul) occurs over the course of millions of years to millions of different sentient species.

According to Kabbalah, only the souls of self conscious moral creatures like human beings, reincarnate; and they reincarnate only when they have not fulfilled the purpose of their creation. Since Judaism is an optimistic religion, most Kabbalists teach that most people can accomplish their life’s purpose in one or two lifetimes. (more…)


Jesus' Secret Healing

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by Doug Simpson

When we read the accounts in the Gospels of the trial of Jesus and His sentencing by Pilate to death on the cross, it becomes rather obvious that Pilate tried his best to rescue Jesus from His destined fate, and that it was ultimately the Jewish Sanhedrin and their vociferous group of supporters that were the primary cause of the crucifixion of Jesus. Pilate had a personal reason to protect Jesus - not too long before that fateful day, Jesus had healed Pilate’s son who was afflicted with epilepsy. Here is that story as recorded in the readings of the legendary American mystic, Edgar Cayce.  (more…)


Past Life Regression

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A partial chapter from the book My Trip to the Philippines by Hans Carl Clausen

book cover my trip to the philippinesFor several months, following my personal experiences with Dr Brian Weiss and Dr Raymond Moody, I had immersed myself in the study of Past Life Regressions.  Sharing my interests with a pleasant young female who worked at a local florist where I often purchased flowers, she inquired:

"Do you think you can do this?"

I thought for a moment.  "Yes, I believe I can."

"Would you hypnotize me?"


"How about tonight?"

I reflected on her request and how this nice young girl could come over and perhaps together we might share a unique experience. (more…)


The Reincarnation of Mary Magdalene

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by Doug Simpson

Miss 295, a cousin of Gladys Davis, Edgar Cayce's long-time stenographer and secretary, was the reincarnation of Mary Magdalene.  In 1929, Miss 295 came to Virginia Beach to visit Gladys and ended up staying for over five years, becoming a secretary and office assistant to Edgar Cayce and the A.R.E.  Miss 295 utilized her proximity to the channel to the Heavenly Source and requested a number of life readings.  I will now share with you, in order, the information Miss 295 received on her previous incarnation as Mary Magdalene.  Some Biblical scholars refer to Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany as two separate individuals, but the Edgar Cayce readings clearly identify them as the same person.  See the contents of reading 295-8, below. (more…)


Meditation for Past Life Recall

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Human experience is transient, but the soul within is eternal. Many of us have walked the earth plane before in one or more previous lives. In some cases the experiences of our past lives continue to an exert an influence on our present existence.

This meditation can help you unlock hidden memories from previous incarnations. Use it for relaxation, fun, or to better understand what makes you what you are. (more…)


Akashic Records

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Accessing the Akashic Records and Understanding Their Influence upon the Present

The Akashic Records are a Spiritual concept describing the collective store of the totality of information. Akashic Records exist for all levels of reality – individual souls, nations, races, planets..., and the manifest universe as a whole.

An individual soul usually has many incarnations in order to perfect its purpose. The minutiae of experience of each incarnation is held in the individual’s Akashic Record, along with that individual’s life purpose blueprint.

Our Akashic Records hold hidden details that may exert an unseen influence upon its current incarnation. An obvious example is where someone drowned in a previous existence and exhibits an irrational fear of water in this life. Certain souls, forming a soul family, often incarnate together in widely varying relationships; eg a child in this life may previously have been a parent. More dramatically former mortal enemies often find themselves thrown together with unaccountably strong feelings of negativity towards each other. The Akashic Records can provide insight to resolving such conflicts. (more…)


Edgar Cayce's Story of the Soul of John The Baptist

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The soul of John the Baptist was apparently not reincarnated at the time of the readings of the legendary American mystic, Edgar Cayce. I will explain the 'apparently' reference as we proceed with our story, but first we shall look at the information in the Scriptures and the Edgar Cayce readings linking the soul of John the Baptist to the renowned prophet Elijah/Elias. Elijah's story is recounted in I Kings, Chapters 17 to 21, and II Kings, Chapters 1 and 2. I am not going to retell his story here, except for his demise. Somewhat similar to Enoch in Genesis 5:24, and Jesus the Christ at the Ascension after the Resurrection, in Mark 16:19, Luke 24:50-51, and Acts 1:9-11, Elijah did not die but was taken up in a whirlwind into Heaven, as revealed in II Kings 2:1-11. (more…)