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What's the deal with 2012? Free Report

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Do you know what will happen in 2012?

There's been a widely known prediction that the world will end on December 21st 2012 going around for some time. Like most you may have scoffed or made a joke about it. But now 2012 is underway, perhaps it's wise to find out more and make an informed response.

To say we're living through momentous times is no understatement. The world's financial systems have been decimated by the credit crunch; natural disasters seem to be increasing in both frequency and degree of devastation. Seemingly immovable regimes have been overthrown by the revolutions of the "Arab Spring". And global warming appears to be accelerating towards a point of no return. (more…)


The Economics of Wellbeing

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by Bruce Nixon - Free PDF download available (see below)

The purpose of an economy should be the wellbeing of all. We’re all interdependent, humans and other life on the planet. People everywhere share the same need for love, happiness, security, good work, freedom, community and involvement in decisions affecting them. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Today, this is far from being the case. (more…)


Free Tips to Treat Depression ebook

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Depression is a scourge of modern living, affecting millions from all backgrounds. This free ebook describes a range of strategies that you can put in place to start fighting back at this debilitating condition.

Download Tips to Treat Depression from the Self Help Sanctum


Free ebook reveals 'world first' secrets from mind power research

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For nearly 10 years, a small privately funded team carried out research into advanced mind power. All of their discoveries were classified as 'leading edge' knowledge, with a few in the 'world first' category.

They discovered how to attract luck, how to cure their mind and body while sleeping by pre-programming their dreams, how to attract new partners with their minds... they even found out ways of beating the casinos! ...Plus MUCH more... (more…)



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A free e-book of tiny tales by Daniel Brako.

Microstories is a collection of 44 bite-sized tales, designed to inspire, entertain and inform.

Each Microstory is accompanied by a spiritual summary that can be used as a meditative statement. Since the stories and summaries are all self-contained, Microstories can be read from start to finish or by choosing pages at random. 



The Way of Peace

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The Way of Peace

In The Way of Peace James Allen expounds his New Thought Movement affiliations, referencing Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. The book is essentially a treatise on the importance of meditation as a 'pathway to divinity'. Whatever we meditate upon, Allen explains, we become. If you meditate upon ' that which is selfish and debasing, you will ultimately become selfish and debased'. Whereas if you meditate upon ' that which is pure and unselfish you will surely become pure and unselfish'.

Now copyright expired and in the public domain, new age spirituality is delighted to offer The Way of Peace as a free online ebook.

Alternatively, you may purchase your own copy from Amazon


Cosmic Consciousness

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Cosmic Consciousness by Ali Nomad

Man is essentially a spiritual being. The source of this spiritual Omniscience we may not, in our finite intelligence, fully cognize, because full cognition would preclude the possibility of finite expression.

The destiny of man is perfection. Man perfected becomes a god. "Only the gods are immortal," we are told. Let us consider what this means, supposing it to be an axiom of truth...

Cosmic Consciousness by Ali Nomad is a classic of New Thought and personal development, and a resource you will turn to again and again for many discoveries and inspiration.

Read this ebook online, for Free


Interview with Gods - The eBook

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from Ivan Cavalcanti

Dear friends,

We all live in a living planet, a fragile organism that needs balance to be able to sustain all living beings inside this wonderful network of minerals, plants, animals and men.

As a seeker in this universe of possibilities and information, I come to you with the intention of share my experiences and my knowledge. I wrote a book, "Interview with Gods", which through a fictional story seeks to bring a new way to view, analyze and think about our lives and all living beings which surround us, providing us this wonderful opportunity to participate in all natural processes that sustain this universe. (more…)


How to Read the Crystal

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How to Read the Crystal

Crystal gazing or scrying is the ancient practice of gaining awareness of psychic information by focusing one's attention on a polished surface. Notable practitioners have included Elizabethan mystic John Dee, and more recently Dr Raymond Moody, who uses the technique to facilitate contact with deceased loved ones. In How to Read the Crystal Sepharial presents the qualifications and preliminaries necessary for crystal reading, the vision itself, difficulties, symbols, and describes some experiences.

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The Human Aura

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The Human Aura

by Swami Panchadasi. The human aura is believed to be an energy field that surrounds the body. Those gifted with a psychic sense and are able to perceive it. Glowing colors associated with the aura are said to change with mood or emotion and, with practice, one can begin seeing and reading auras for themselves. This book covers human magnetism, the effects of color, thought forms, building and developing the aura for one's benefit, and includes detailed instructions on how to create a protective shield around oneself and offer healing energies to others.

Read The Human Aura: Astral Colors and Thought Forms by Swami Panchadasi in full for free as an oline ebook