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The Ferryman’s Dream

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The Ferryman's DreamAuthor’s Newest Title Compares to The Alchemist

Dr. Stewart Bitkoff’s The Ferryman’s Dream Hits Book Shelves

Stroudsburg, PA– May 8, 2012- For those modern day men and women who are increasingly seeking answers from within to help make sense of the world today, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff’s newest title, The Ferryman’s Dream was written for you. Compared on some level to The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, The Ferryman’s Dream presents an updated version of the ever-elusive, and often misunderstood, ancient spiritual teachings which are intended to be an added essence to life and religion; not serve as a replacement there of. In a heartening tale, The Ferryman’s Dream brings to life the true essence of modern day spiritual learning.

It was said that those who studied as Vesudeva’s apprentice reached their heart’s desire. He is a Ferryman to both rich and poor; transporting travelers across the river. Yet these travelers are given more than just a trip across the water and unknowingly receive a special gift bestowed upon few. Through an interview with a local journalist about his life’s work, Vesudeva introduces the reporter to spiritual learning; carrying him to a world within a world.  It is a reality that is always changing, yet singular, and transcendent, built upon preconceptions and conditioned thoughts.  And one by one, Vesudeva shatters these man-made notions … in the Light of Truth.  To purchase this or other titles from Dr. Bitkoff visit

Bitkoff, a doctoral graduate in education, has authored three other books: Sufism for Western Seekers, CreateSpace/Amazon, 2011 which was recently nominated for Religious title of the year by Foreword Magazine; A Commuter’s Guide to Enlightenment, Llewellyn, 2008; and Journey of Light: Trilogy, Authorhouse, 2004.

He currently lives in the Poconos, PA.

All books can be purchased by visiting Dr. Bitkoff’s Blog


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