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Great Grandmother

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Posted on behalf of Bill, 27 May 2010

I was staying at an aunts farm in their old farm house which was then only being used as a guest house. I was laying on my back after retiring for the night and suddenly had feeling of being watched. I looked toward the foot of the bed and saw the wispy image of what appeared to be a woman standing there looking at me. After a couple of seconds she turned around and floated through the doorway, (closed door).

I told my aunt what happened. And after describing what I had seen, She explained the room I had stayed in was once her grandmother's room. Needlessly to say I asked for a different room for the next night.


The boy in my attic

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This account is posted on behalf of cf3547

We just moved into our apartment in north carolina my boyfriend and i are young and we both got kicked out of our houses because he was white and i was black and our families didn't believe in interacial relationships. So me and my friend were putting the old things in the attic while my boyfriend seth got us somethin to eat from the restraunt when i put the glass in the attic the light turned off i got my phone and when i did the door shut and i saw a teenage boy looking at me when i asked him who are you he was gone so i tried to open the door but i forgot my cell phone when i finally got my phone i turned around and there was the boy again i got scared and he got closer and when i was on the edge of the steps he pushed me down the stairs i was unconisous. (more…)


The Walking Stick - An Apport?

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A member of my local Spiritualist Church, who held a prominent position in a well-regarded voluntary organization, gave the following account at a meeting. His friend recently tripped on the sidewalk and this gentleman joked that she might need a walking stick. Shortly after he happened to find a brand new walking stick behind the kitchen door of his home. Neither he, nor anyone he knew used such a walking stick. And it isn't the kind of thing one easily forgets! The bottom showed no signs of wear and the label indicated it came from a distant part of the country.

Enquiries from friends and neighbors left the gentleman none the wiser where the object came from. An apport (manifestation from Spirit)? (more…)


Psychic Ability: Is It Real? What Does It Mean?

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The term psychic power refers to any ability by which mind can interact with matter by means beyond currently understood laws of science.

Parapsychology, the scientific discipline devoted to the study of psychic ability and other paranormal phenomena has coined the umbrella term psi to refer to a number of distinct categories of psychic ability, namely: (more…)


Some Personal Psychic Experiences and their Implications

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Throughout history humans have reported experiencing phenomena that could not be explained by the known laws of nature. There is now a vast catalog of such experiences, and indeed if one raises the topic of the paranormal in any group it's usually the case that at least one member has experienced something strange.

Over the past century or so we have adopted a more systematic approach to the study of the paranormal, from the formation of learned societies for psychical research, through the many experiments and masses of data collected by J B Rhine to modern parapsychological research employing latest technologies. The statistical method of meta-analysis, which allows the results of multiple studies to be combined, reveals the odds against chance for the amassed evidence to be immense. (more…)


Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon

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Interview with Professor Joaquim Fernandes, PhD in History, at the University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, Portugal

1.What led you to the research of the Fatima Apparitions?

From long time the Fatima Apparitions story was considered controversial and a lot of authors and thinkers thought that they were supported more by political than religious reasons and motivations. Then, we wanted questioned what really had happen there by accessing the original archives and documents.

2. What kind of difficulties and obstacles did you find during the research?

The main obstacle was to access to the Fatima sanctuary documents, namely the so-called Formigao archive, that were classified until the end of the 1970’s when we proposed to study them. Following having the chance to read them, one of the authors (Fina d’Armada) was badly punished in her professional career.

3. Did you find any kind of surprises there?

The main surprise was that the extraordinary events could not gave been invented. In our opinion they occurred in fact. (more…)


Synchronicity, Cause and Effect

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The term Synchronicity was introduced by psychologist Carl Gustav (C.G.) to describe meaningful coincidence in his classic 1950 essay Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle. Jung makes an eloquent attempt to define synchronicity as an alternative to cause and effect as a connecting principle. Jung's theory is paralleled by the paradigm-shifting discoveries in physics of relativity and quantum mechanics which shattered the then widely held belief in a deterministic, "clockwork" universe.

If reality is likened to an ocean, infinite in both expanse and depth, then the material universe is the surface of that ocean, and the non-physical its vast depths. Synchronicity is the observable effects of submerged activity upon the surface. This hidden activity is beyond human understanding, but we do, on occasion, glimpse its effects.

Causality vs Probability

In a causal/deterministic (model of) reality, cause precedes effect thus:

cause and effect (more…)


Mother's Day Message from the Least Expected!

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Forever Family Foundation Releases Special Recordings


Oceanside, NY, May 1, 2010 - Forever Family Foundation has created the attached Public Service Announcement to offer support and hope to bereaved families who suffer during holiday time. (more…)


Truly Shocking Photo

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By Donald Ryles PhD, CH

I have recently been working toward my certification as a Paranormal Investigator and have been studying how to analyze suspected paranormal photographs. The study got me to remembering and thinking about probably the most incredible paranormal photo I have ever seen.

When I was around the age of 12-13…some 30 odd years ago…my interest in the paranormal was just beginning in earnest. Anything that was unusual began to interest and even fascinate me. The Bermuda Triangle, UFO’s, hauntings, anything along that line. My father had told me many “Ghost Stories” that had been passed down in his family and held as absolute fact, but he himself was somewhat of a skeptic of such things. Since I had developed such as strong interest in the subjects he tried to help me in my pursuit though. (more…)


The Meaning of Coincidence

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Coincidence is where two or more unrelated things seem to occur in close enough proximity to suggest some relationship between them. Eg you dream of a school friend you haven't heard from for years only to get a reunion invitation from that same person next day.

Between getting the idea for this post and actually writing it a friend told me of two instances when people she hadn't seen for ages came into her mind. The first she ran into on the street next day, and the second happened to be on the TV when she walked into the next room! And, on the day I posted this, I happened to be flicking through the TV channels and started watching an old series (of about 80 episodes). Bizarrely the episode being shown was the same that I happened upon over 4 years ago also by channel-flicking. I don't follow this series and don't recall having watched it inbetween times. Coincidence, or what? (more…)