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A Remarkable Book For Muslims And Jews

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Reviewed by Recep Dogan Phd.
A collection of 31 articles by Rabbi Allen S. Maller about Jewish-Muslim connections, previously published on Islamic web sites, has just come out in paperback. Entitled "Judaism and Islam as Synergistic Monotheisms”; it is available for $15 on Amazon.
Rabbi Maller has knowledge of Judaism and Islam. As a Reform Rabbi he tried to understand how the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad established relations with people of the Book and why some practices of Orthodox Jews were criticized in the Qur’an. Rabbi Maller states that Reform Rabbis are closer to Islam today than to Orthodox Rabbis. Indeed he says, “I think of myself as a Reform Rabbi and a Muslim Jew.



Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. - reviewed

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by Doug Simpson

Dr. Weiss graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School. He is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida. A nationally recognized psychiatrist, he risked his reputation by going public with the story of his personal experiences with a seriously-traumatized, intellectual young lady he has called Catherine. After endless months of minimal success in dealing with Catherine’s phobias and resulting traumas, he resorted to deep hypnotic therapy and the unexpected happened. Catherine, without any prompting, commenced talking about her past lifetimes. At first Dr. Weiss could not believe what he was hearing and sought all sorts of alternative explanations for the source of the information that freely flowed through his difficult-to-help patient. To make his case against reincarnation even more difficult, over a short period of time Catherine commenced to systematically shed her phobias as she uncovered their origins in past lifetimes. Dr. Weiss was very relieved when he eventually confided his unthinkable discoveries to a few close colleagues and they conceded that they too had made similar discoveries but were also reluctant to go public with them. (more…)


Hacking Consciousness

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The Stanford University Video Series

Reviewed by William T. Hathaway

This new Stanford video series investigates consciousness as the source of not only the human mind but also of all energy and matter. Consciousness is seen as the essence of the universe, a unified field which gives rise to and pervades all manifest phenomena. Five scientists from different disciplines describe how we can contact this field and use it to improve our lives. The series, designed by Michael Heinrich, is now available free on YouTube.

The intellectual background of the series is a fascinating conflict affecting all of us that is now going on in science and philosophy, centering on the question, What is the basis of the universe? In the 19th century advances in physics, chemistry, and biology led to an empiricist understanding of nature, and Enlightenment philosophy replaced superstition and myth. Leading thinkers in all these disciplines agreed that the universe is just matter in motion governed by natural laws which are open to human understanding. Reality is fundamentally material. Humans and other animals interact with an objective, external world through sensory input mediated by our consciousness, which is a neuro-chemical phenomenon of our brain cells. Thoughts are just reflections of the material world in the brain. (more…)


The Appleseed Journal - Review

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By Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, ‘California Bookwatch’

While most may readily recognize the name of Johnny Appleseed, which is widely connected with the propagation and popularity of apples, this same audience is just as unlikely to realize that Appleseed was actually a traveling minister with deep spiritual roots - and that he used apple seeding as one device towards the greater purpose of seeding men's souls. (more…)


The Gospels' Veiled Agenda (Review)

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The Gospels' Veiled Agenda - Revolution, Priesthood and The Holy Grail by Harry Freedman

Review by Wendy Stokes

the gospels veiled agenda

Dr Freedman here examines the life of Jesus and what we can learn about his mission by looking at parallels, connections and shadowing from the time of the Old Testament. For instance, Isaac carrying the wood for his own death on the pyre and Jesus carrying his cross to his crucifixion; a decree for all boy children to be put to death finds Moses saved in the bull-rushes and a similar decree finds Jesus taken to Egypt for safety. Moses fasted 40 days and nights, as did Jesus. Many incidents in the lives of Adam, Noah, David, Joseph, Isaac, Elijah and others are born out in the New Testament. (more…)


Review for Intuition, Cancer & Miracles: A Passage of Hope & Healing by Sara Wiseman

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intuition, cancer & miracles

In an honest and moving voice, intuitive author Sara Wiseman shares how her journey through cancer challenged her belief system. The waiting and wondering, the pain of multiple surgeries, and both the doubt and desire in trusting her inner voice of wisdom — Wiseman gives a heart-wrenching account of the tainted gift of cancer. This truthful look at cancer through one woman’s experience is inspiring and life-affirming: you are not alone in the universe, and you can find meaning in even the most painful situations. A vital tool for those with cancer; the book also includes seven powerful meditations for healing. A warm, beautifully produced audio course is also available for this book.

— Vicky Thompson, editor of New Connexion Journal

$15.95 ISBN 978-935254-77-5 Norlights Press or
Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Norlights Press, Ingram



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A review of Colin Wilson’s sequel to The Occult


Colin Wilson is one of the most thorough and prolific researchers and writers on the paranormal of recent years. Mysteries was written as a sequel to Wilson’s The Occult, and continues and extends the theme of that classic investigation into the world of the unknown.

Mysteries begins by floating the possibility that the “self” actually consists of a hierarchy of levels that may be likened to a ladder with higher rungs of shorter and shorter length (presumably meaning they are harder to experience, or are reached by fewer souls). Wilson adopted this concept after experiencing a series of panic attacks that were ended by his invoking a higher self (which he refers to as the schoolmistress effect). (more…)


Book Review: The Ferryman’s Dream, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

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Reviewer: Emmanuel Karavousanos

The Ferryman's DreamOnce in a while one reads a book that not only is a wonderful read, but has a magnet drawing a reader into it and fills the mind with at least a bit of wisdom and good sense. The Ferryman's Dream is such a book with one difference: it delivers a good deal more wisdom than one might expect. Often when reading a book one quickly (perhaps all too quickly) dismisses much of what one reads, hastening to get to "the good parts" or even just to finish. Here, the reader cannot but go back and read once again the fully packed package of ideas this work contains.

Aside from the story, which itself is joyful to read, ideas emerge right from the very beginning. The author, Dr. Bitkoff, can be recognized as one who has reached a state of consciousness that we call mystical. We see the wisdom begin to flow. Bitkoff quickly notifies us of a flaw almost all of us have. It is that the instructions given by spiritual teachers is often "denied or overlooked". (more…)


Sufism for Western Seekers - Book Review

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By Michael Greenstein

Sufism for Western Seekers

Depending on who you talk to, life has never been worse.  Cancer seems to plague almost every family, financial ruin is at our collective doorsteps, divorce rates remain alarming high and the news is rampant with spiritual leaders that have abused our young and led us astray.  Without much difficulty, you can add your favorite demise to this list. What are we to do? Almost every month a new remedy for our woes appears on the New York Times best sellers list. Each book promises the same hope as the one we read before.  And if we are lucky, we glean some nuggets of wisdom.  But all too often these nuggets somehow fade from our consciousness the moment we put down the book. (more…)


Understanding The Power of Now

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The Power of Now

First published in 1999, Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now has become an international bestseller. Written as a series of questions and answers, it presents a radical analysis of humanity's current state and offers a revolutionary route back from unhappiness to enlightenment, which this article attempts to give the merest flavor of. If you read just one Spiritual book in your life, The Power of Now is a very strong contender to be that book. (more…)