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More Predictions for 2017 July Edition

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Tom T. Moore

Below are predictions I received during the past three months from Gaia, soul of the Earth and my Guardian Angel Theo.  Please be sure to take part when it asks you to say a Benevolent Prayer (BP) OUT LOUD.  Scientists in the future will rediscover the power of the spoken word.


Gaia, can you give me the highest probability for the summer forecast for the United States? (more…)


2013 Predictions

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Message from MOTHER FATHER GOD through Neferatiti Ife


There is no doubt that the Earth is going through energy shifts and transitions on every level. 2012 was a year that brought to light some of the hidden side, secrets came out in the open, from the individual to Governments, Banks and the big Corporations. The Mayans predicted correctly that 2012 was the end of a cycle and heralds a time of new beginnings, but for what? The road ahead looks anything but bliss. There is no doubt that we are entering a key moment in our human story on planet Earth, it will be a most challenging time, a time for seat belts as the ride is beyond what we have experience before. Can we rise to challenge the power elites that govern and destroying our world? Or can we save ourselves and our planet from it’s predicted fate? 

I communicated with the greatest power of all Mother Father Creator for insights into what is to come in 2013 and beyond. The information I received may take you beyond the boundaries of your perception of God, religion and the world you know. Welcome to 2013. (more…)


The Wisdom of Silver Birch

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Silver Birch is arguably the most famous guide and prolific teacher in the history of Spiritualism. Though presenting himself as a North American Indian the wisdom of this timeless master transcends both history and culture.

The philosophy of Silver Birch was channeled over an incredible 61 years by trance medium and founder of Psychic News, Maurice Barbanell.

Silver Birch not only provides us with a comprehensive description of the Spirit realm and its relation to the material plane we temporarily call home, his words also provide a blueprint for living a purposeful and ultimately satisfying life. (more…)


Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age

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Questions and Answers by Benjamin Creme

A selection of answers to questions about the science and the practice of Transmission Meditation. (March 2012) 

The January/February issue of Share International published an edited version of a talk by Benjamin Creme on 'Transmission: a Meditation for the New Age', which took place at Cecil Sharp House, London on 26 January 2008. We present a selection of previously published questions on Transmission Meditation and some new questions from the Transmission Meditation Conference held at Kerkrade, the Netherlands, in September 2011. (more…)


The Bosnian Pyramids

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By Tom T. Moore, Copyright 2012

There has been much misinformation published regarding the discovery of the Bosnian Pyramids, not far from Sarajevo.  I wish to present my findings both from a spiritual standpoint and from attending a lecture given by the founder of the pyramids, Dr. sci. Semir (Sam) Osmanagich. (more…)


Channeling : Connecting With your Unseen Helplers!

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Copyright (c) 2008: Patsy Gagnon

We all possess many keys that unlock the Door to our unconsciousness and our soul.

There comes a point in everyone's life when we ask our selves the daunting questions of Who Am I? Why am I here? Where do I go when I die? The most important one is there really a God Source? We may find ourselves asking these questions early in life, after a very traumatic experience or on our death bed. I do believe we ask these questions sometime in our lives. (more…)


Channeling Spirit

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Author: Lisa Moore

Everyone can and has Channeled, at some time in their lives. If you have ever found yourself explaining something in detail but the words you are using do not fit with in with your own vocabulary. Writers and Artists often speak of not knowing where their inspiration comes from. If you have a problem and do not know which way to turn then all of a sudden you get a 'brainwave' and the answer to your problem is suddenly very clear. These are all examples of Channeling. (more…)


Spiritual Channeling

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Author: Lynn Claridge

Spiritual channeling is a process whereby an individual becomes the channel and the spirit speaks for them. Instead of contacting departed loved ones the entities that normally come through are guides. The information may not have great impact, however, the source seems to hold more weight or at least provide a different perspective. (more…)


Channeling as a field of paranormal study - an academic essay

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by Malgorzata Duszak

The field of parapsychology investigates the enormous variety of mind challenging ESP phenomena. Trance mediumship represents one of the topics approached by paranormal researchers and scientists. The alleged communication with the invisible dimension stimulates as much enthusiasm as sheer frustration and the theories that offer to shed light on the phenomenon of such contacts are many. Among the most popular explanations appears the theory of mediums’ subconscious as one directly responsible for creating an “illusion” of the external entity communication. Other researchers “blame” the collective unconscious for disguising itself as separately existing spiritual entities. Still others indicate the mental disorders as mistaken for channeling discarnate beings. Much as all these explanations appeal to our rational minds and logic, the intuition tempts the investigation towards different direction. Why not consider, after all, the possibility of the genuine communication; a true telepathic contact with the beings from beyond this 3d dimension? This essay will present several of the most common “rational” explanations put forward by various investigators of the present times. It will encourage, however, the sincere consideration of the possibility of the true contact with extra-dimensional intelligences. It will demonstrate a number of devoted to their work mediums who genuinely believed their messages to originate in the realms beyond ours. In search for the truth, their interpretation must not be dismissed. (more…)