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By Sheila Applegate

As we learn to love one another, we come to realize that, in their purest forms, all religions teach the same basic spiritual truths:  It is only the different ways we express them that divides us.  Each system of belief has a different piece of the puzzle, and ultimately, to heal our communities and our world, we will have to fit these different pieces together and realize the essential truths that connect us all as one.  In order to allow this to occur, we must open our hearts to hear beyond language and to expand in our understanding. (more…)


Meditation for Communication with Departed Loved Ones

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We are at essence Spiritual entities. While incarnate upon the earth plane we inhabit a physical body to enable us to survive and interact with our environment and fellow travelers. Upon physical death our Spiritual essence or soul simply discards the body and returns wholly to the Spirit realm that is its natural home. Our personality, memories, experiences, and concerns for those we walked the earth with remain intact. This meditation will help you raise the vibrations of your inner self to become more aware of the Spiritual realm and to more easily communicate with departed loved ones. (more…)


Meditation for Past Life Recall

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Human experience is transient, but the soul within is eternal. Many of us have walked the earth plane before in one or more previous lives. In some cases the experiences of our past lives continue to an exert an influence on our present existence.

This meditation can help you unlock hidden memories from previous incarnations. Use it for relaxation, fun, or to better understand what makes you what you are. (more…)


3 Lessons To Learn From Eastern Style Meditation

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by Amy Zimmerman

The real purpose of your existence can be understood only when you make an intense look at your life with an objective approach. Meditation techniques will help you to have the correct assessment about your consciousness and the unwanted noise covering your true self will be revealed in a gradual manner. The real problem with modern day living is that people are getting increasingly frustrated with stress and strain and identifying the best suited method to get over this situation has become a tough task. That is where the importance of meditation comes in. Learning meditation is not a difficult process and a huge number of people have benefitted from the tremendous advantages of meditation. (more…)


Transmission: A Meditation for the New Age

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Questions and Answers by Benjamin Creme

A selection of answers to questions about the science and the practice of Transmission Meditation. (March 2012) 

The January/February issue of Share International published an edited version of a talk by Benjamin Creme on 'Transmission: a Meditation for the New Age', which took place at Cecil Sharp House, London on 26 January 2008. We present a selection of previously published questions on Transmission Meditation and some new questions from the Transmission Meditation Conference held at Kerkrade, the Netherlands, in September 2011. (more…)


Meditation re-shapes the Brain

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Meditation has long been considered a pathway to Spiritual progression, but a Huffington Post article by naturopathic doctor Michael Stanclift suggests it may also have a more direct physical impact upon practitioners.

Confirming long-held belief in the power of thought, and pointing to research from neuroscience, Stanclift says where we direct our attention actually changes the anatomy of the brain. Meditation helps us wilfully direct our attention and thus consciously create our physical as well as Spiritual evolution.

Understanding Meditation: How Attention Changes Our Brains, The Huffington Post 12/14/2011


Academics Embrace Meditation

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Harvard Magazine, January-February 2012, carries an article describing how some leading academics are embracing retreats conducive to the practice of meditation.

MIT Dalai Lama Center for Ethics fellow Sousan Abadian, a regular retreat participant, says: "Retreats allow us to access and strengthen subtle capacities and to hear ourselves and others on a different level."

Christopher Germer, clinical instructor in psychology in the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and practicing Buddhist says: "Mindfulness has become probably the dominant paradigm of psychotherapy".

Cambridge psychotherapists Susan and Bill Morgan are attendees at a silent meditation retreat. Susan says: "The encouragement is to unplug from this world... to learn how to straddle that line between participant and observer all the time... and learn how to meet all of experience with a certain amount of equanimity."

Abiding Our Own Minds, Harvard Magazine January-February 2012


The Way of Peace

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The Way of Peace

In The Way of Peace James Allen expounds his New Thought Movement affiliations, referencing Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. The book is essentially a treatise on the importance of meditation as a 'pathway to divinity'. Whatever we meditate upon, Allen explains, we become. If you meditate upon ' that which is selfish and debasing, you will ultimately become selfish and debased'. Whereas if you meditate upon ' that which is pure and unselfish you will surely become pure and unselfish'.

Now copyright expired and in the public domain, new age spirituality is delighted to offer The Way of Peace as a free online ebook.

Alternatively, you may purchase your own copy from Amazon


Mantra and Consciousness

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Author: sushant pandey

A mantra is a combination of psychically potent sound syllables that are capable of influencing the human system. It works on different levels of being (from gross to the subtlest).

Mantras as it is defined, is that tool which liberates the mind from bondage, here bondage means ‘the state of identification of the gross mind’. Mind is always identified with the world of idea name, form and objects. At the energetic level the identification leads to dissipation of energy (vikshepa), mind is tied down to the plane of gross sensorial world creating the spectrum of experiences colored by the polar opposites of pains–pleasures, heat-cold, depression-elation etc. Here in these conditions mantras helps to tune the vibrations of mind to the subtler frequencies of mantras and hence helps to internalize it. (more…)


Comprehensive Guide To Worldwide Meditation Techniques

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Author: Anmol Mehta

There are as many types of meditation techniques as there are wonderful flavors of ice cream. This allow each person to find a flavor that is delicious to them. In this article series I will provide an overview of many of the different meditation techniques that exist and hopefully this will help you find the style that is sweetest to you. (more…)