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The boy in my attic

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We just moved into our apartment in north carolina my boyfriend and i are young and we both got kicked out of our houses because he was white and i was black and our families didn't believe in interacial relationships. So me and my friend were putting the old things in the attic while my boyfriend seth got us somethin to eat from the restraunt when i put the glass in the attic the light turned off i got my phone and when i did the door shut and i saw a teenage boy looking at me when i asked him who are you he was gone so i tried to open the door but i forgot my cell phone when i finally got my phone i turned around and there was the boy again i got scared and he got closer and when i was on the edge of the steps he pushed me down the stairs i was unconisous.

When i woke up the boy was there and he said i want my sister back then he was gone again i was screaming to the highest scream my boyfriend seth asked me what was i doing on the floor and i started to cry and told him we needed to leave he asked me why i told him what happened and he said that a kid and his sister lived here and his sister drowned in the lake by his aunt. he got mad and killed his aunt then hung himself and shot his eye.My boyfriend and i never talked about it or went in the attic again now we have a baby boy named zahcari and when he run around in the house he always says i love you eddie and he stoped in front of the attic door i pulled him away and he said mommy eddie is my friend then i heared laughter. So i told seth and we moved all the way back to arizonia and i'll never forget that laughter of eddie th boy in my attic.


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