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Conversaions with an ET

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by Tom T. MOORE ~ Copyright 2013

Excerpt from First Contact: Conversations With An ET

For the past five years I have communicated telepathically with a member of my soul group or “cluster,” who’s having a life on a water planet in the Sirius B Star System.  The majority of people believe in telepathy, and even universities, such as Duke University, have done experiments with two sets of individuals—one to be the sender and one to be the receiver.  What they have not discovered yet is that if both sender and receiver would be in a light Alpha, meditative state, the results would be at the top of the chart, with just a little bit of practice.  And the sender and receiver would not need to be in the same room or across campus.  They could be halfway around the world from each other.  Plus they wouldn’t just be able to send and receive if a shape is square, round or triangle, but whole sentences. (more…)


UFOs on the record

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Interview with Leslie Kean

by Jason Francis

Author, journalist and co-founder of a group calling for increased government openness to and media coverage of UFO information, Leslie Kean discusses her most interesting cases and what needs to happen if we are to find the truth about the UFO phenomenon.  January/February 2013

Leslie Kean is an independent investigative journalist who has covered the subject of UFOs since the year 2000. In 2002, she co-founded the Coalition for Freedom of Information, a group promoting more government openness on information pertaining to UFOs, and for responsible UFO coverage by the media. In 2007, Kean co-organized a landmark international press conference in Washington DC on official UFO investigations, which received media coverage around the world. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On The Record (Harmony Books, 2010), which formed the basis of a television documentary on the History Channel, 'Secret Access: UFOs on the Record'. Jason Francis interviewed Leslie Kean for Share International. (more…)


British government release UFO files

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The BBC reports that the British Ministry of Defence today released a large numbers of reports of UFO sightings between 1985 and 2007, including those from official sources such as Air Force pilots.

It's likely the majority have rational explanations, but might some be evidence of extra-terrestrial, or even Spiritual, phenomena?

The reports can be downloaded from


Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species

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Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Survival Plan for the Human Species

a book review by Gerard Aartsen

In his book, former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer calls for a truer, broader view of reality, one which embraces the fact of our interplanetary brotherhood of humanity, and acknowledges the serious threats to human survival on planet Earth. Published here courtesy of  Share International magazine.

Former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer instantly rose to fame within the circles of disclosure and exopolitics activists when he declared, in a speech at the Exopolitics Toronto Symposium in September 2005, that "UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying overhead'' and that "the veil of secrecy must be lifted''. (more…)


Roswell 60 years on - the mystery deepens

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This month sees the 60th anniversary of the most famous unresolved UFO mystery of them all, ie Roswell. It is said that a UFO crashed near the city of Roswell, New Mexico, USA, and that debris of the craft as well as bodies of aliens were recovered by the US military. The US government has repeatedly denied this version of events, claiming instead that what crashed was a research balloon.

A recent interesting twist comes from a sworn affidavit from Walter G Haut, public information officer at Roswell base during the Roswell incident, to be released only after his death. Haut passed away in 2005 and the affidavit, now public, reveals a military cover-up and that he witnessed first hand both the alien craft and the bodies of its crew.

The universe is certainly a big place, and though intelligent life may be sparse it is highly arrogant to consider it limited to earth. It is also highly arrogant to assume that no life more intelligent than ourselves exists elsewhere. Given the likelihood it does. isn't there a possibility that it happens to be aware of us and has an interest in our development?

Alternatively, isn't it strange how reports of UFOs increased dramatically during the military expansionism of the cold war and development of faster, more efficient flying machines on earth?