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How to manipulate your reality using synchronicity

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by Jim Francis

Luck and Synchronicity

These two human attributes appear to be tied closely together.

If you are able to recognize a series of "meaningful coincidences" in your life ...and ACT on them almost always results in a sudden spectacular burst of what one considers to be brilliant good luck!

The problem is that most individuals do not recognize these synchronistic events, because they are not always related. (more…)


Is Life Fair?

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Looking around the world, and even our closest environment, there is great diversity among the many individuals sharing the earth plane with us.

We are each born into unique, apparently random, circumstances. Most obviously birth conditions vary enormously in terms of family wealth, not only between so-called developed and 3rd-world nations, but there are also enormous differences within any given nation, or local community.

Our starting conditions vary not only in quantifiable factors such as money, but also in more nebulous ways such as the beliefs and attitudes of our parents, carers and others, such as teachers, who provide our all-important initial role models. (more…)


The Path Of Luck Or Serendipity?

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Author: Johnny Cyreous

"I find that the harder I work the more luck I seem to have." - Thomas Jefferson

I have often heard the question, "Do you believe in luck?" I do actually, but I prefer to call it serendipity; for two reasons.

1) Since so many do not know the meaning of the word it is my way of getting everyone to look it up.

2) I prefer my students to associate the idea with words like: fate, destiny, providence, fortune, and design, instead of the negative ideas normally associated with luck. (more…)


How to Determine your Luck Cycle and Attract Luck!

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Author: Jim Francis

One of the more extraordinary discoveries our research efforts made was in the field of luck! Luck is a personal psychokinetic event.

There are two kinds of luck. The first is what we consider to be a "random event" which happens unexpectedly. This may well be part of an individual's personal synchronistic event-train which in real time appears to happen for no discernible reason. However future hindsight may indicate that this event-train was part of an overall pattern. (more…)


Feng Shui Career Tips - 12 Amazing Tips on How to Feng Shui Your Personal Career Luck

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Author: Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui Career Tips

There are effective and powerful ways to enhance your personal career luck with the wisdom of feng shui. In this article, I have my 12 amazing feng shui tips grouped into 4 main categories, they are "How To Enhance Your Personal Career Luck", "How To Enhance Your Personal Work Space / Desk Top", "How To Enhance Your Personal Office Space" and "How To Enhance Your Personal Success & Development". (more…)


How to Grab Luck by His Neck and Never Let Him Go Again - 7 Ways Attract Luck

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Author: Razvan Dobre

Luck. The final frontier. People that have success are born with a special ability that makes them lucky. False. Forget you ever heard this. People are sometimes lucky because they do certain things that gives them a great result in the end. They make there own luck.

1. The first step is to be...

Positive. Be as positive as you can be. In most cases, luck comes to people that are positive most of the time. Don't complain about your life or the things you have to do. Instead, take a firm attitude against negative thinking. Just give it a big F and tell it that it's services are no longer needed. Then, welcome the positive thinking and keep it in your mind. (more…)


Good Luck on Demand

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Author: Roy E. Klienwachter

One of my associates at work would appear to be the luckiest man on the job. Things just seem to work out for him.

Those who know him, describe him as lucky. Harry associates all the good things which happen to him as coming from being lucky. He believes these things to be random acts of good fortune he has no control over.

Sometimes Harry even credits his dead son for looking out for him. Harry has no power or control over these events because he has given it away. He won't take responsibility for his luck. (more…)


What is Luck and its Significance in Our Life?

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Author: AstroSagar

Synonyms of luck are advantage, blessing, fluke, fortunateness, godsend, good luck, kismet, windfall etc. It is believed that luck is a derivation of the Sanskrit word "Lakshmi". She is the original "Lady Luck" - a Hindu Devi of Money & Fortune.

In a natal horoscope the 9th house is relevant for fortune or luck. It is believed that propitiation of the deity represented by 9th lord helps in the enhancement of fortune. Luck denotes anything that one gets by "chance". We always talk of "good luck" or "bad luck". In Hindi, the equivalent word for Luck is "Bhagya". The other equivalents of "Bhagya" may be fate and destiny. But, we never say good fate or bad fate. Destiny is also not used in that way. Therefore, a feeling of fluke or fortunateness is always associated with luck. (more…)


The Meaning of Coincidence

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Coincidence is where two or more unrelated things seem to occur in close enough proximity to suggest some relationship between them. Eg you dream of a school friend you haven't heard from for years only to get a reunion invitation from that same person next day.

Between getting the idea for this post and actually writing it a friend told me of two instances when people she hadn't seen for ages came into her mind. The first she ran into on the street next day, and the second happened to be on the TV when she walked into the next room! And, on the day I posted this, I happened to be flicking through the TV channels and started watching an old series (of about 80 episodes). Bizarrely the episode being shown was the same that I happened upon over 4 years ago also by channel-flicking. I don't follow this series and don't recall having watched it inbetween times. Coincidence, or what? (more…)