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The Law of Grace - Ask and it shall be given

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Life, lived meaningfully, is a partnership between our unique individuality as expressed through free will, and that all-encompassing oneness (aka God, Spirit or source) of which we are, have always been and will always remain part.

During our earthly incarnation our awareness of Spirit, and our own innate Spirituality is diminished so that we may focus on maximizing the experience of life, which is its fundamental purpose. But Spiritual knowledge is always present, albeit below the level of normal consciousness. Our Spiritual awareness may be raised through meditation, prayer, or any process that focuses attention inwards while temporarily tuning out physical reality.

Our partnership with Spirit operates through guides or helpers, entities within the Spirit realm dedicated to helping and guiding us throughout life. But our destiny depends primarily on our personal free choice in order that we experience life to the full. This means that to enjoy the support of our guides we must consciously invite their help, ie give them permission, through prayer, to influence our lives.

This is the law of grace, to invoke our partnership with the Spiritual realm to assist in matters where we feel our own efforts alone are insufficient to bring about favorable results.

Many Spiritually-inclined people feel uncomfortable in asking for help for themselves, but we are just as much entitled to ask for personal guidance as intervention for others.

No prayer is ever left unheard or unanswered. But prayers are often answered in ways that are different than expected; eg a "shopping list" for wealth or luxuries may prompt a lesson in the ultimate futility of material possessions.

Some events and experiences prompt us in desperation to ask "why?" Even when such answers are not immediately forthcoming we may rest assured that nothing (however cruel / painful / unjust it may seem) happens without reason. As Einstein said, "God does not play dice."

The law of grace is not an excuse for abdication of personal responsibility. It is not a matter of placing an order upstairs for whatever we want and sitting back waiting for it to fall into our lap. Instead we must actively work to achieve our goals, and by asking for help we may well the wind at our back as we make the necessary journey.

So, when you face problems that seem overwhelming or insurmountable, when your efforts just don't seem enough to bring the desired results, or life isn't progressing as well as you'd like, try the law of grace. Call upon your helpers and guides to assist you, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.


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  1. Norma Torres says:

    I owe over 800. in taxes.I need to pay by 3/15 that it has to be in mail by 3/11/12 Will you Pray & agree w/me that I get that money to the IRS in time.

    Thank You,in JESUS name. NT.

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