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Positive Attitude enriches life

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By Lt Col RK Langar

Our life is shaped by our thoughts. Man is essentially what his thoughts are. If we think positively our attitude towards life would be positive. But when we have a negative outlook, our life would become a closed chapter. A person who thinks positive sends out positive thoughts around which activates his environment and he also draws back positive vibration. This is the law of attraction which says what we broadcast into environment we would given more of it. It we give vibration of love through our thoughts, words and deeds we would be given more of love. Positiveness gives rise to tremendous evolution inside our being where everything else becomes secondary. A positive person finds acceptance everywhere. On the other hand our negative thoughts often involve us going back into our past where we remember those events of life which have not been favorably inclined towards us. Our aim should be to remove negatively from our life of whatever type it may be. Negative thoughts containing anger, fear, self ego, doubts, regrets, and sadness, drain away our energy and make us lazy. One should live in present without thinking of the past and without worrying for the future. When we invest in the present, we look after our future as well. We can follow certain guidelines which can assist us in removing negatively from our mind and help us to stay in a positive state.

No Fault Finding: When we try to find faults of others we lower ourselves and encourage the evil of others to enter our mind. Our scriptures tell us that there is no sin as grievous as counting ills of others. They are themselves faulty who try to locate faults of others. We should find our own faults and make whole hearted effort to set them right.

No Comparison with Others: Do not compare yourself with others. Life is not meant to compete but is meant to compliment each others. When there is competition there is always and opposition. When we compare with others it lowers our self esteem. Self esteem is the basic context in which we act and react, choose our values and set our goals. The world is full of contrasts and no one knows what is the instrument of measurement to gauge others. You should compare yourself with yourself. One should be better today than yesterday and still better tomorrow.

No blame game: Blaming others for our problems is a sign of weakness. One should take ful responsibility of one’s life and accept problems which one faces as opportunities to grow inwardly. It is said that misery is greater teacher then happiness. Defeat the problems with all the might. When we suffer at some point of time our life, we should not fell dejected as the suffering will go away, sooner or later.

Love yourself. Buddha says that you yourself as much as anybody in the entire cosmos deserve your love and compassion. Love your own company. Be your own friend and guide. You are as important in this universe as anyone else. Identify your good points and develop them to take benefit out of them. This way you also eradicate your shortcomings. When you love yourself, you feel good about yourself. When you feel good about yourself other people suddenly appear nicer.

Be a Thinker. Think critically and creatively. Thinking mind is a positive mind. Some of the things we can think of are how can I make the world a less violent place to live in. how can I contribute to make the world a better place to live in. Our purpose of life should be to become a socially useful person. Creative thinking means exploring all avenues of the subject of thought so that each thought wave gives new idea. A thinking mind contributes towards inner growth which creates unfailing interest in life. Also when you think, you practice silence automatically which conserves energy. Think big to act big.

Be contented. Contentment means acceptance of present, without multiplying our daily wants. Man’s happiness really lies in contentment. You are much better off than many others. Contentment brings cheerfulness in once life. A man of cheerful disposition inspires other to smile.

Be a Giver. Practice art of giving. Joy of giving is sixteen times more then what you get in receiving from others. What you give to others always goes with you. What you take from others stays behind. Become a cause of happiness, peace and harmony for others and never become a cause of suffering to anyone. In the Gita Lord Krishan says that a person who gives no trouble to the world is dear to Him.

Go Universal. Have full faith in the India thought that the world is one family – Vasudhavia Kutum Sakam. Then you will develop sense of belonging to the whole world. You will then have a universal perspective when no one would appear a stranger to you. You will have vision of many in one and one in many as the same divine spirit resides in all. You may love your region or community but do not get tied down to them. Expand your love to embrace the entire creation. Then you will understand the true meaning of equality. Then you will love diversity and respect all religions of the world. Only a person with a universal outlook can develop a detached outlook since he would not be attached to anything in particular.

Pray Daily. Through prayers we remain in contact with God. Besides praying for your own good, pray for the welfare of others. Start your prayers with thanks giving to God for all what he has given to you. With prayers one remains in a positive state of mind. When you pray for other you get a reward which is equivalent to the fruit of selfless work. Prayers show us the right way to act.

Be what you are. There should be no contradiction between your inner life and outer life. Do not pretend and load your mind with artificiality. Make your life an open book where there are no secrets, no falsehood, no malice and no treachery. A truthful person is a simple and plain person who fears nothing. A simple mind can very easily become a positive mind. A simple mind is a selfless mind. It, you keep your face to sunshine you will away have a positive attitude as you will not see the shadows.

Elevate yourself. Grow vertically. When you do that you do not bother too much about name and fame. Accept that ultimate goal of life is your spiritual growth. Two great hindrances to self elevation are laziness and resignation. Laziness makes it impossible to accomplish what you set as goal and resignation results in giving up before really trying. Be alert and active and do not underestimate your ability. Nothing belongs to man for which he does not strive. Cultivate new positive life enhancing qualities. Accept new seeds, accept others change our self for the good.

Heighten your Personality. Two very big components of your personality are mind and intellect. Use them to develop ability to manage yourself. Always count your blessings which shall invariably be more than your sorrows. Have an ideal in life that gives you direction like a river between two banks run smoothly. Otherwise its water will flood all-over

When we are not aware of our capabilities and potential we feel low about ourselves. With low self esteem neighed we can develop a positive personality nor can we advance on the spiritual path. We have to build up self esteem to do something worthwhile in life.


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