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Karma And What Is Karma?

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By Dr. Sha

In history, Buddhists talk about karma. Christians talk about deeds. Taoists talk about te (pronounced “duh”). Other spiritual beings talk about virtue. These are different words for the same thing. Millions of people have heard about karma. Millions of people believe in karma. Millions of people desperately want to clear their own bad karma.

How important is karma for our lives? In the Soul Light Era, the Divine told me that I must offer karma teaching. The Divine gave me the honor of clearing the bad karma of human beings in July 2003, when I was chosen as a divine servant and a servant of humanity. But I do not actually clear karma. The Divine clears karma. The Divine chose me as the Divine’s servant to offer divine karma cleansing to humanity. I have offered this divine service to thousands of people worldwide.

Their stories are heart-touching and leave me speechless. They include recovery from life-threatening conditions such as liver cancer, paralysis due to stroke, heart attacks, genetic sicknesses in newborn babies, kidney failure, and many other conditions that doctors viewed as hopeless. People are in wonder, touched, and deeply moved by the life transformation from receiving the Divine’s karma cleansing. People are very honored to receive great healing results. They come to thank me. I always reply instantly, “Please do not thank me. Thank the Divine. The Divine did the healing for you. I am your servant. I am the servant and vehicle of the Divine. I requested the Divine to offer healing to you.”

Since the Divine chose me as the Divine’s servant, vehicle, and channel, in every healing that I offer worldwide, the Divine is doing the healing. This is what the Divine told me on the day he chose me as the Divine’s servant. Since then, this has always been the case. I cannot bow to and honor the Divine enough for being chosen as a servant of the Divine and a servant of humanity and all souls as well. All the credit belongs to the Divine. I am so happy to be a divine servant. I am extremely honored to offer divine creation to create Divine Healers, Divine Writers, Divine Editors, Divine Singers, Divine Music Composers, and more. I am extremely honored to offer countless Divine Soul Transplants to all humanity and all souls. I am extremely honored to offer divine karma cleansing to remove the spiritual debts of human beings and other souls.

What Is Karma?

Karma is the record of services. Karma is the term used in Buddhist teaching. Taoists use the term te. Christians use the term “deed.” Many other spiritual beings use the term “virtue.” Karma, te, deed, and virtue are the same thing but in different words. To understand karma is to understand all of these words.

Karma can be divided into good karma and bad karma. Good karma is the record of one’s good services in all past lives and in this life. Good karma includes love, care, compassion, sincerity, honesty, generosity, kindness, purity, and all other kinds of good service. Bad karma is a record of one’s unpleasant services, such as killing, harming, taking advantage, cheating, stealing, and all other kinds of unpleasant service.

(Excerpt from The Power of the Soul and reprinted with the permission of the author, Dr. Sha).

(Originally published at GoArticles and reprinted with permission from the author, Dr. Sha).

About the Author: Dr. Sha was trained as a Western medical doctor and a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. He is a grandmaster of many ancient disciplines: tai chi, qi gong, feng shui, and I Ching, and the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of Power Healing, Soul Mind Body Medicine, Soul Communication, Soul Wisdom and his new book The Power of the Soul. Visit Dr. Sha.


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One Response to “Karma And What Is Karma?”

  1. Jessie says:

    Dear Dr. Sha,

    I'm in desperate need of "Good Karma" in my life. I never thought I could possibly have "Bad Karma" within myself - until I had the tarot cards read, a couple of days ago, and I discovered through the cards that I had no good karma and it was all bad karma effecting my life. Everything I try to accomplish - everything I try to pursue, everything I want it all gets destroyed and I find myself saying over and over again why - why is this happening to me. All my friends have all the luck in the world and I'm the jinks one. I try, for this bad luck, not to put me down but is happening more often than ever. I have been out of a good job for 2 yrs. - just accepting temp jobs to help me get through my monthly household bills. I went for a great job interview on Wednesday and I thought I had the job - I came in as the runner up. I was so devastated. I'm about to lose my house to a foreclosure, all these is affecting my health. Something spiritually lead me to this website and I stopped in your article. Dr. Sha I need you in my life, please don't abandoned me. Where can I start to clear all these bad spells that are surrounding me. Nothing seem to work - I'm at your mercy. Please contact me and let me know where to begin. I already started with your 'Karma" prayer - I love my heart and soul. Thank you - thank you so much for helping me!

    Desperate - Jessie

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