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What is Ouija?

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The Ouija board is a divinatory tool, much like astrology, numerology, tarot, palm-reading, crystal-gazing etc. Just like all tools its purpose is to make it possible/easier to achieve something. A drill helps you hang shelves, tools of divination like the Ouija help you re-connect with your
Spiritual source.

We are all Spiritual beings temporarily undergoing an earthly experience. But encased in dense physical flesh, and occupied with the necessity of material existence we generally lose touch with the Spiritual essence within us. Developed psychics and mediums are able to shift consciousness to the Spiritual plane at will. But for the rest of us, the various systems of divination serve as serve as keys to help open the doorways of Spiritual awareness.

Essentially the Ouija consists of a smooth, flat surface. A series of symbols - usually letters of the alphabet, numbers, ‘yes’ and ‘no’, and ‘goodbye’ (to indicate the close of communication) are arranged around the edges. Some kind of pointer is also required which can be a purpose-made “planchette” or as simple as an upturned glass. It’s perfectly possible to create your own Ouija board using a table top, slips of paper, and a drinking glass.

Two (or more) participants lightly place a finger on the pointer and ask a question. The cliché being “is anybody there?” Hopefully the glass will begin to move around the board/table, possibly spelling out words. It may also respond to further questions.

Glass Top Ouija Board According to some Pagan beliefs, the roots of the tree of The Tree of Life extend in to the spirit world, so the tree serves as a pathway for communication with the dead. This octagonal Tree Of Life Ouija board, comes with a thick piece of circular glass that covers the board, providing an ultra smooth planchette surface. The planchette has a hole in the center for selecting individual letters, words or numbers. The board is purportedly protected from evil by the power of the pentacle and has an inscription on the underside explaining how to take further protective measures to guard against evil. It measures about 13 inches by 13 inches. This Tree Of Life talking board makes a great gift for friends. It's made of cold cast resin.

Ouija Board Glow-in-the-Dark It has always been mysterious. It has always been mystifying. And now, it glows in the dark. Just ask it a question and wait to see what answer the Mystifying Oracle will reveal to you. You and a partner sit on opposite sides of the board, with your fingers placed lightly on the message indicator. One of you will ask a question. Now concentrate very hard on the matter at hand - and wait for the indicator to move and begin to reveal the answer through its message window. Will it tell you Yes or No. Will it give you a number or spell out an answer. For centuries, players have brought their questions to the Ouija board. What you do with the information it reveals is between you - and the Mystifying Oracle. Game includes: Ouija board and plastic message indicator.

How Does Ouija Work?

What moves the pointer? Is it the surviving Spirits of deceased loved ones? Or is it mischievous or even evil unseen entities? Or is it “merely” the subconscious mind(s) of participants? In actuality the depths of our subconscious interface with our Spiritual essence so as long as you can be sure the pointer wasn’t consciously moved any results are evidential of a Spiritual reality.

Where Do Ouija Messages Come From?

In terms of whether messages come genuinely from departed loved ones or are fed by mischievous entities, a judicious use of discretion is required. Throughout life we receive (non-occult) advice, but as sentient individuals we must decide how much weight to place upon it; eg without discretion we would respond to every advertisement and sales pitch we encounter and quickly end in the bankruptcy courts.

Before accepting advice from the Spirit world we should take great care, requiring at very least evidence that no one present could possibly have known.  Only if such evidence is given can we have (some) confidence that the communicator is who they claim to be.

Just as any form of occult/psychic practice we should never use Spiritual communication to abdicate personal responsibility. Even if we are assured that Uncle Joe really is communicating we should give his advice no greater or lesser weight than had he offered it upon the earth. Ultimately we carry the consequences for our free will, and it is we and we alone who must determine how that free will is applied.

Is Ouija Dangerous?

Ouija is not dangerous. Of the many divinatory systems that help us draw closer to the unseen realms none seems to have got a badder reputation than Ouija, but is this justified?

Ouija has shown itself to be a particularly effective means of producing physical phenomena relatively quickly and easily. In Spiritualism physical manifestation can take gifted mediums years of development to produce. In contrast a group of friends finding themselves at a loose end after a few drinks often manifest effects at their first attempt with Ouija.

The experience of physical phenomena, like seeing a ghost, or receiving a particularly accurate message from a medium is an event that permanently shifts your world view. Your own senses have told you that there is something more than the deterministic, material universe. Perhaps this very direct and dramatic challenge to long-held existing beliefs is responsible for Ouija’s negative reputation. The realization that Spirit is real can take some getting used to.

Before participating in Ouija, ask yourself why you are doing it. Is it from a deep desire for Spiritual awakening, idle curiosity, or because a friend suggested it and you don’t want to seem lame. If you feel at all scared or uneasy about trying the Ouija you probably shouldn’t do it, since
anything that happens might affect you more than you’re ready for. Equally important is that you know and trust your fellow participants.

Do Evil Spirits Exist?

The greatest fear surrounding Ouija is probably that of possession by “evil” Spirits as vividly portrayed in countless Hollywood movies. And isn’t the Spiritualist mediums’ many years of training in development circles designed to counter evil?

Open any grade school history book and it’s clear that all the bad stuff of this world results solely from man’s free will. From the creation of the atom bomb and numerous other horrific weapons of mass destruction, to every act of depravity against our fellow beings and the natural world we inhabit, humankind itself bears the sole blame.

“Evil” as such doesn’t really exist in the Spirit realm. There are mischievous entities that can do stuff like tilting picture frames, moving car keys, or producing the odd rap as a means of making their presence known, but that’s their limit. Using the Ouija is never going to make you axe
murder your neighbor under demonic possession though no doubt lawyers consider the concept as a means of getting their clients’ lighter sentences.

Simply because of the intellectual impact that can result from a successful Ouija experience, using the Ouija should not be undertaken lightly. To emphasize the significance of what may result it’s useful to begin a session with a prayer, eg the Lord’s Prayer, or some other statement just to
delimit what follows from one’s material life. Similarly, regardless of the success of the session, it’s helpful also to close with some prayer or
statement, or simply to stamp your feet on the ground to return focus to the material plane.

Every Ouija session is an experiment. If nothing happens, don’t be disheartened. Try again, perhaps under different conditions or with
different partners.


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