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Free Astrological Birth Chart

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The presence of an astrology column in most newspapers and magazines suggests just how many people regularly check their "stars". And yet these ubiquitous forecasts, each applying to a twelfth of the population, offer at best a gross generalization of what we might be currently experiencing.

A true astrological birth chart is unique to the individual, and represents a map of the heavens at the moment of birth. Its interpretation depends not just on the positions of the heavenly bodies as viewed from earth, but also on the angles (aspects) between them. A thorough interpretation reveals numerous indications, some of which are contradictory while others are reinforced. It is those indications supported by multiple chart features that suggest life's major trends. It is said that the most accurate interpretations rely not just on the planetary data, but also on the psychic attunement of the astrologer with the subject.

Create your free astrological chart

Nobody knows why, or even if, astrology works; however, its continued endurance throughout the ages and into the technological era suggests there must be something in it. One of the discipline's major proponents was the pioneering psychologist C G Jung, and perhaps Jung's theory of synchronicity suggesting hidden connections between the seeming unrelated (such as stars and planets, the human condition, and some infinitely greater source) may hold the answer.

It is essential to remember that as human beings we have free will. Whatever our charts may indicate it is not cast in stone. It is our choice whether to accept the pre-existing trends or to exercise our influence to choose a different path. Knowledge of our horoscope may assist in making that choice.

Create your  free astrological chart


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