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New Book is Changing People’s Views on Themselves and Other People

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“Understanding You” is a newly published self help/work book that guides you step by step in changing the way you look at yourself and all the experiences you have gone through. People today struggle through so many hardships from financial struggles to mental and physical abuse. This book gives you the tools you need to not only understand everything you are dealing with in your life but it also helps you make the necessary changes in your life to obtain true self acceptance.

“This book gives instructions on how to document and analyze what’s happened in your life to figure out why you feel the way you do or react the way you do in certain situations.This self-help book differentiates itself from traditional counseling as it gives a very analytical approach to figuring out why your life is the way it is and it gives step-by-step instructions describing how to break these patterns.” says Christy Kettering, MBA

The Author of "Understanding You" Stacy-Lynn has been an inspiration to many people in her life. She spent years struggling through many hardships that lead her to a point in her life where she just was not sure where to go next. Stacy-Lynn has led a life of a victim; a victim to physical abuse, mental abuse and even rape. Stacy-Lynn was able to pull herself up and out of all of it and find her true Life Path.

Stacy-Lynn has been an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor for the last seven years. In that time has develop this remarkable program that guides you step by step on how to become a leader of your own life. You are able to become a leader by having true understanding of whom and why you are the person you are. Stacy-Lynn has changed the life of many people through her guidance and now wants to share it with you.

ISBN# 9781456718336

For further information contact:
Stacy-Lynn Vollkommer
14 Myrtle Street
Somersworth, NH 03878
(603) 674-3977


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