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Spring Festivals Start with Chinese New Year 2011, a Year of Metal Rabbit

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Author: Rahul Kumar

The spring season in 2011 will start with celebration of New Year in china and ends with easter 2011. Coming year in china would be associated with rabbit. Experts believe the New Year 2011 in china would be calm like the nature of rabbit. The Chinese New Year would start from February 3 in the year 2011.

The calendar of china follows the study of lunisolar calendar. It is based on the study of relative movement of sun, moon and earth. The month in Chinese calendar changes with the movement of moon. The first day of month start with new moon. The calendar follows 60 year cycle with 12 year of animal cycle. The new year in china occur in the between of mid month of January and February according to Gregorian calendar. The calendar follows traditional study of calculation carried out by Han culture.

Every year in china is associated with any of the 12 animal and five elements. The 12 animals are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar. The five elements that play a great role in china astrology are water, wood, earth, fire and metal. The year in china is associated with any element with an animal.

The last year was of Tiger and chinese new year 2011 is associated with Rabbit. The element of coming year is Metal. Therefore year would be like the nature of metal with relevance to rabbit characters. The positive qualities that are found in rabbit are kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, friendly, compassionate, lucky, flexible, and artistic and with association to metal, it will add more strength, resilience and determination. The metal rabbits are characterized as intense in their actions, whether they are work-related or romantic. The color of the year would be wide and look as strength and endurance.

After gap of 11 days of Chinese New Year, valentine's day 2011 will fall on February 14. The spring season is a time of new beginning. The season gets strength in its meaning with association of festival related to fresh beginning or relation. New Year in china counts another new year with the commencement of spring in the country. Same time, occurrence of love festival, valentine day shows that it is time for celebration with nature. The new leaves in tree with bird search for mate adds more color. The valentine day is observed in the name of Saint Valentine, preacher of love in early third century.

Another festival associated with spring season is easter sunday. However, easter is a celebration related to resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the day has converged with three traditional cultures of Pagan, Hebrew and Christian. The easter day is word derived from word eotre or eastre, which means first day of spring in northern hemisphere by Venerable Bede. The festival is associated with Passover festival of pagan culture that took place during the fertility period of spring season occurs on first Sunday of the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The name is also related with goddess of spring season. April 24 would be the day of easter day 2011.

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