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Thinking Out of the Box

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What is Thinking Out of the Box?

Thinking out of the box is the mode of thought that dares to challenge conventional wisdom, ie it dares to question beliefs so deeply held by so many that they are considered almost sacred. Thinking out the box is an all too rare quality, but when applied it can bring revolutionary leaps in human progress. Even where the existing ways really are most appropriate, an "out of the box" critic can actually enhance their validity by forcing their proponents to justify them. (more…)


Top 7 Truths You Must Know About To Make Any Creative Visualization Technique Work

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Author: Mohamad Latiff Bin Rahim

What do you really want out of a creative visualization (cv) technique that you had just gotten out of a "Guided Imagery" book (maybe by Shakti Gawain) you borrowed from the library or a "Creative Visualization" e-book you just purchased and downloaded online or a manifesting article you read by Abraham Hicks?

Results. Like anything else, you want results. You need results. Without results, you'd lose faith in the power of creative visualization to manifest what you truly desire in your life. (more…)


Your Creative Genius - How To Tap It For Success

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Author: Abhishek Agarwal

We are all creative beings just as the ultimate being is the divine creator. To create something is to bring into existence something that did not exist before. Creative genius comes when you bring into existence something that will enhance the lives of all who encounter your creation, including yourself. In order to tap your creative genius, there are a few considerations that you should be aware of. (more…)


Exercises to Encourage Creativity

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Author: Eran Sadeh


Before I list some very helpful and powerful exercises to encourage creativity, let's take a moment to consider what constitutes creativity, why we aspire to encourage creativity in the first place and what is required from the person who wishes to encourage creativity through exercises, be it her own creativity or that of others. (more…)


The Art Of Creative Thinking: How To Be Innovative And Develop Great Ideas

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Author: Vern Burkhardt

See or make connections between ideas that seem far apart, look to nature for models and principles to solve problems, make the familiar strange and the strange familiar, cultivate curiosity, ask lots of questions, observe, be a good listener, and read to generate questions. Reading without reflecting is comparable to eating without digesting. These are but some of the many useful bits of advice that Dr. John Adair offers in The Art of Creative Thinking.

Dr. Adair was kind enough to answer some questions that occurred to me as I read his book. (more…)


Seven Habits of Creative People, and How They Change the World

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Author: Mary Campbell

Marcel sits alone, at his workstation with his head in his hands. It is Monday morning and he cannot believe he is here, in this same situation yet another day, another month, another year. He had sworn to himself that this year would be different. But it wasn't. It was the same. He is not sure which is more soul-destroying: the problem that causes his unhappiness, or his sense of powerlessness to change it. He knows that if he could just solve this one problem, everything else would fall into place. The trouble is, no matter what he tries nothing seems to work. Marcel doesn't need money to change his world. What Marcel really needs is a bit of creativity. (more…)