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Author: Rebecca Barrett

Colours pulsate and each shade gives off a different energy to the next, thus altering the aspects around us and the feelings and emotions we have within. To learn about the positive (yang) and negative (yin) aspects of each colour in the spectrum and how it affects us, read on:


When red is a positive force in our lives it is the colour of strength and vitality, as well as warmth. It is the most auspicious colour for the Chinese, meaning wealth and prosperity. It is at the lower end of the spectrum. Red is the ground, the earth and our basic emotions and deals with survival issues. Red is action. Red represents blood and is therefore the symbol of the physical life. It is masculine energy, our sexuality and the day-to-day energy of living. Red is the antithesis of blue: it represents the material side of life such as money and possessions. Red is also the positive side of passion.

When our basic emotions get out of control we want to vent our anger, feel frustrated or act resentfully and stubbornly. These are negative emotions that affect our peace and harmony. Passion in a negative aspect could mean that we are driven to have our own needs fulfilled without regard of others. Wearing red can also show, impulsiveness and an overactive ego.


Pink is red and white mixed together and gives a gentler aspect to the red. It reprsents compassion and love, understanding and caring. Pink is feminine intuitive energy. The paler the shade, the more unconditional the love. Pink represents the artistic and creative.

An over abundance of pink shows a need for love and a strong relationship. It creates an unbalanced view that is manifested as smother love. In such a case pink shows an immaturity in dealing with love and can lead to a childish concern with self.


When orange is a positive force in our lives it gives us inspiration, deep insight, awareness and bliss, energized wisdom and aspiration. It is the energy of the sun and shows enthusiasm for life. It also indicates trustworthiness.

Orange is attributed to suffering and shock, be it past of present, emotional or physical.

Orange in its negative state is associated with deep fear. Orange relates to our gut reactions, so fear can be experienced in the abdomen and we can feel like we are going to be sick. This fear indicates we are stuck in the past and have difficulty in letting go.


Gold has long been seen as the colour of knowledge and of deeper inner wisdom. The haloes of saints in religious paintings are gold. Gold is deep bliss, deep happiness and rapture. It is the colour of a deep healing energy.

The negative side of gold is deep anxiety and fear. Selecting too much gold indicates frustration, confusion, a lack of knowledge and sometimes difficulties in comprehension.


Gold is to wisdom what yellow is to knowledge. Knowledge is what we acquire and wisdom is what we know within. Yellow is also the colour of sunshine, joy and happiness. It is the colour of the intellect and of having clear thoughts. Yellow indicates a quest for enlightenment, to better oneself and how to be self sufficient.

The negative side of yellow is anxiety, jealousy, distrust, obstinacy, nervousness, lack of assimilation and terror. The fear represented by yellow is due to a present situation; it affects the nervous sytem. If not dealt with at this stage, it will be transformed into the fear that is repreesented by orange. A need for yellow may indicate a lack of clarity and problems in scholarship.


Green is the colour of harmony and balance. It is the mid-point of the spectrum. Green represents the emotions, the heart centre, communicated feelings and knowledge. Green helps us to make decisions; it helps us to see all aspects clearly. Green is associated with environment. when there is a need for peace and tranquility, the message of green could be summed up as 'go hug a tree' to be close to nature.

If a person is attracted to green in excess, it indicates that he or she has problems in decision making and is not sure where they're heading. The person needs to make space for themselves. Green as indicating a negative emotion is envy, jealousy, resentment, deceit and treachery. The person also has difficulties in communicating feelings and emotions.


Turquoise represents reative communication from the heart. It indicates artistic abilities. It is the colour associated with the New Age. Aura-Soma sees it as the colour of mass communication and therefore of media communication, computers and silicon chips.

Turquoise helps in reaching many people simultaneously; it helps in speaking publicly and in schooling.

As turquoise deals with expression, its negative side is difficulty in expression and in communicating feelings. It indicates creative blocks, difficulties in speaking one's truth, lack of independence, misuse of power and the need to find peace in the heart.


Blue represents harmony, as well as a strong need for peace. Blue indicates maternal nurturing and shows an logical, rational and clear mind. It is associated with service, healing (registered nurses usually wear a blue uniform) and creativity. Blue is diffirent from turquoise in that it indicates one-to-one communication.

The negative side of blue is problems in communication, especially with speech. Too much blue indicates a lack of peace (the blues) and a depressive state. it shows also separation, isolation, discontent and a need for harmony.

When things are not going the way we want, we tend to pick a lot of blue. Blue also indicates issues with authority figures or difficulties with men or the male aspects within ourselves.


The colour can indicate a high degree of spirituality, integrity and deep sincerity. Healing and ESP qualities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and telepathy are also associated with this colour. It can indicate someone who finds peace through meditation and has deep concentration.

As indigo and royal blue are reepresentative of our mental aspects, in their negative form they represent deep depression, extreme introversion, difficulties in expression and an extreme form of despondency. Choosing too much royal blue can indicate isolation, separation, aloofness or self-deception.


Violet brings together red and blue - the opposite ends of the spectrum. Violet represents service in healing as well as transformation. The spirituality of blue and the vitality of red are now combined.

The negative side of that represented by violet is similar to that of royal blue; it indicates depression, aloofness and grief. A person who chooses too much violet reveals a need for healing as well as detachment or fear of death.


Coral is a mixing of pink and gold together. Therefore it indicates the development and wisdom of love, of unconditional love. Red is love in its basic form, pink is unconditional love and coral is deep love.

The negative side of that represented by coral, like pink, has to do with love. Where pink indicates immature love, coral shows unrequited love - love that has not been returned in the way it was given. it is also the fear of loving, or the torment of love.


With magenta, we discover a new dimension for love. It represents love merged into service; love from the Divine, love that now has conscious awareness. We are now conscious of our caring, the worship and enjoyment found in the little things and the responsibilities we perform in our everyday life.

The negative side of that represented by magenta is an acute need for caring or being very possessive. It indicates excess and obsession - over attachment to the little things in life and compulsion such as an obsessive need for clean hands.


Clear indicates all the colours together or no colour at all. It represents the positive as well as the negative aspects of all colours. Any colour combined with white will be amplified.

The negative side of clear indicates that the colours have been washed from life through unshed tears.


Black activates and strengthens women energies. It can ground and calm extremely sensitivie people. It is best used in combination with white. Black suggests the need for shelter from the negative that can surround us.

Too much black indicates hatred, conflict and evil thoughts. When people are attracted to wearing a great deal of black all the time they can be in a state of depression and have mood swings; they need some colour in their lives.

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