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Homeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

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Sneezing,nasal discharge,nasal obstruction,itching of eyes and nose are the common features of allergic rhinitis.Inhalant allergens (allergy - causing substances) are often the cause for Allergic rhinitis.Some of the common offenders are pollen from the trees and grasses,mould spores,house dust,debris from insects or house dust mites, animal dander etc.Certain foods and environmental toxins may also trigger allergic reaction.
Allergic rhinitis may be classified into 2 types:

1.Seasonal Allergic rhinitis(Hay fever/Pollen allergy)-This is a seasonal reaction to air borne irritants- usually grass,tree or flower pollens.symptoms appear in or around a particular season when the pollens of a particular plant to which the patient is sensitive, are present in the air.

2.Perennial Allergic rhinitis-symptoms are present throughout the year and are most often due to house dust or animal fur.

Preventive measures:

Diet to counter Allergy:
Foods rich in Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids may help to bolster up the immune system.Fruits and vegetables are the good sources of the above said nutrients.

Homeopathy being a natural and wholistic therapy , offers individualized treatment for Allergic rhinitis.There are numerous Homeopathic medicines which can help ease the symptoms of Allergic rhinitis.Allium cepa,Ambrosia,Ars.alb,Arum triphyllum,Arundo,Dulcamara,Euphrasia,Sabadilla,Wyethia are some of the Homeopathic remedies used to treat this condition.
Homeopathic treatment strengthens the immune system and thereby helps to counter allergy.For an individualized Homeopathic treatment, consult a qualified Homeopath.



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