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2013 Predictions

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Message from MOTHER FATHER GOD through Neferatiti Ife


There is no doubt that the Earth is going through energy shifts and transitions on every level. 2012 was a year that brought to light some of the hidden side, secrets came out in the open, from the individual to Governments, Banks and the big Corporations. The Mayans predicted correctly that 2012 was the end of a cycle and heralds a time of new beginnings, but for what? The road ahead looks anything but bliss. There is no doubt that we are entering a key moment in our human story on planet Earth, it will be a most challenging time, a time for seat belts as the ride is beyond what we have experience before. Can we rise to challenge the power elites that govern and destroying our world? Or can we save ourselves and our planet from it’s predicted fate? 

I communicated with the greatest power of all Mother Father Creator for insights into what is to come in 2013 and beyond. The information I received may take you beyond the boundaries of your perception of God, religion and the world you know. Welcome to 2013.

Greetings to all beings all over the Universe.

Today we are to talk about planet Earth, the vibration of the planet in 2013 and the year ahead to come. The world is not to end, it is the beginning of several vibrational shifts all over the world. As you have seen the weather is not as it was before, the days are getting darker and time will come when the whole environment will change. 2012 was the beginning the opening of the way, the opening of all of what is untruth to come into truth whether for the good or bad. The opening of the eyes of Horus, the third eye, the third eye of planet Earth and when this eye opens transformation begins. 2012 was the beginning of that transformation. The time when planet Earth has to purge all the things that is going on that is not for the good of each human. Slowly things will become clear, those who have committed crimes will show themselves. People begin to see that they are able to speak out and things are to be changing. Never before have things been like this. The big institutions - people are to complain and see them change their ways changing the dynamics and the vibration of planet Earth.

USA and UK are very influential on the world and they hold the keys to a lot of countries. They have the wealth in their hands. As 2013 goes on their wealth will come down slowly as their powerful institutions will continue to fall in front of your faces, humans.

Mother Earth Taking Action

The weather is to be as chaotic as ever, nothing is to change in fact more floods are to occur in the USA and the United Kingdom. A few more hurricanes than ever before in places that were once dormant. This is the time when Mother Earth is crying out saying ’ if you don’t stop I am to take my power and to move things to the vibration of what they need to be. I am tired of this continual stealing of my land, taking my plants taking what is inside of me, allow me to flourish and to be who I can be. I am now a naked tree, a tree without leaves; a tree that cannot blossom because you have taken from me so often without replenishing and putting back into my land – why do you do this to me? My Seas are raped and polluted. There are many fishes that have become extinct because of the continual pollution in the sea. There are many birds that have flown away not to ever come back on planet Earth. Their breed has died as the air is polluted and there are only certain parts of planet Earth where you can live and breathe and know that the air is clean. Even those parts are being infiltrated as different members of the human race go into the indigenous places and rape them of what they have. This will be more and more in 2013 and the indigenous people have lost their voice. They know what is to happen.

Clones and Extraterrestrials

2013 is the year when more and more the eyes of Horus and eyes of planet Earth will be revealing the dealings of many of the humans in elite positions as their kingdom falls down. And as their kingdom falls down you will get to know the truth.

Planet Earth is to move certain weather conditions in England and the USA to stop and to take charge. Stopping all the walking and running, stopping all the energy, cutting communication to show that Mother Earth is in charge. In charge she is. We will see more of the Moon as the days grow shorter. You will see more of the Moon and coldness as the seasons have no correct position they are in a confusion. Behind the scenes there are those who are trying to change the weather either by their magical means or by the technology. There is much going on in the scientific field, cloning human beings who walk around planet Earth and you think are real people but they are an experiment and a clone. These things are existing in your time.

There is more information to come out about extraterrestrials and they are to introduce this dimension to the general public slyly - more films coming as fiction but it is truth.

Holocaust and Elites

The good is that more elites will be exposed, more headlines in the newspapers, people coming out talking about paedophiles - things that were unknown. People in the Government will be exposed. More of this is to come. There will be no solution to the violence and in America it is to escalate, more people getting guns until the vibration of that country changes and they publicly apologise to the people of the holocaust to the indigenous people and the ones of slavery. This is what planet Earth is waiting for, public apologies for the atrocities that has been done. 2013 will talk about this.

2013 things will get more for people who are claiming benefits their money is to be reduced and more begging will be on the streets, more poverty more crime, unfortunately this is to be the way - more policing. Stringent deterrents, everything will be tightened up because as they say ‘they have no money’, but the money is going to the elite who are loosing their money due to these atrocities coming out.

Religion and Awakening

As the year carries on faith in organised religions will weaken. More people are awakening more people are opening their eyes to the reality of what is and leaving the fantasy behind. The fantasy of this organise religion. More people are waking up daily and the more that wake up and connect with the spirits of light the more humans will be saved. This is the beginning of things that never happened before a change in the vibration of the land. This is the year people are to march and more people are to ask for more. People are waking up slowly and as they wake up the vibration of the land changes, the vibration of Mother Earth changes. There is still to be a time when Mother Earth will change, not the end of the world, as such, but the end of the current system - a bringing down of the system and changing of the way how we are and the elites loosing their position. This is long time in coming but this is to happen. And the more people wake up and move away from the blindfold they have, the better they will become. The more people wake up and realise this Universal Energy is not a person, it is an energy and a spirit, like all of you are and that the lives you are living is an illusion. It is a state of mind that you have fooled yourselves into believing and to realise when you decide to change things for you, things will change - stop being a victim to circumstances. I have installed within each of you the most magnificent power, the most magnificent spiritual energy, the most magnificent transformation machine and many of you are unaware of this. Some of you will wake up, more than before because 2013 is the year of awakening. It is the year that certain humans finally realise it is time to look within themselves as they can no longer rely on the money they receive because prices are getting higher. Food is becoming more and more short due to the raping of the land and GM is not the solution. Genetically modified food is not a solution this food will cause more illness and the illnesses will impact on the health system which is already bulging.

Moving Beyond

Things will change and will not be how they use to be, many will find it difficult as the crime level increases people becoming desperate to get what they want not what they need. Some people on planet Earth will gain strength from this and move beyond their boundaries moving beyond what they use to be and for some this is a transformational and powerful year doing things they have never done before but these are in the minority.

Financially many will find this year very difficult but the positives of this year if you can see beyond the materialistic see beyond what is in front of you and start to push out your energy of positivity you will notice the balance changing. At an individual level you can change things and once individuals get together they become a collective and there will be pockets of groups that realise they can change things and move beyond this heady world and save Mother Earth from the dying state she is in.

As more people awake the elites get weaker and weaker so whatever you do spiritual share it with the community.

Chanelled by Neferatiti Ife


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