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It’s Official! Paranormally-Speaking, Men and Women Really Are Different

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According to the recently released Report by, the results of the first round survey show that there are significant differences in who, where and when psi is encountered.

These survey results have just been released in a free, downloadable ebook Paranormal Activity Analysis Report.

This survey Report reveals intriguing findings including:

The paranormal survey investigates ten types of phenomenon: telepathy, reincarnation, mediumship, auras, premonitions, psychokinesis, out of body experiences, near death episodes, apparitions and déjà vu.

This second round of the survey Spontaneous Paranormal Experiences is open to the public.

The newly released Paranormal Activity Analysis Report outlines the findings of the first online survey created by the author, Rosemary Breen as part of her Master of Education degree at Monash University, Australia. Unlike many academics, Ms. Breen is reluctant to leave her research on the library shelf. She feels a responsibility to make the research findings public and so, the Report is now available free from the Psychic Revolution website.

Rosemary Breen explains, “This survey has been popular from the start and I envisage it will continue to attract a lot of interest, even from those countries where the first language is not English.

Ms. Breen continues, “Because of its broad appeal, I can see this survey staying online a very long time. While there is interest from the public to document their spontaneous paranormal experiences, this survey will remain open to meet the demand.

“Really, it is quite remarkable,” continues Rosemary Breen, “the time and effort that people are prepared to put in, to place their parapsychological experiences on the record.

“I believe the Paranormal Survey Report will stimulate robust public discussion and, for that reason, I intend to release a new, updated report annually. This newly released report is just the beginning.”

Ultimately, Ms. Breen’s aim is to build the largest database of personal accounts of spontaneous paranormal experiences ever collated and, like any good piece of research, the current Report reveals as many questions as it answers.

Specifically, seven questions remain unanswered, namely:

These questions will be addressed in the ongoing survey.


Rosemary Breen
Psychic Revolution



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