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Attitude is more than something

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By: LT Col R.K Langar

What is Attitude

Attitude is the way we think about ourselves, others and life in general. Attitude can also be defined as outlook and tendencies which a man comes to acquire as a result of his past actions. The way we think is exhibited through our speech and actions. As our life is shaped by our thoughts, positive thinking would make our attitude positive while negative thinking would make life miserable. Positive attitude evolves us and brings newness in life.

With positive attitude we grow inwardly and when we grow inwardly the world outside us looks good. Attitude is the mother of all values and positivity is the harvest of  attitude. Man’s success in life depends upon hard work, sincerity commitment and most importantly man’s attitude towards life. A man may be born ordinary but he does something extraordinary when he develops an attitude to become good through positive thinking. Right attitude make you see brighter side of things. It also makes you free from all your limitations.

Attitude also means a settled behaviour under all conditions which enables you to give your opinion on matters that you confront. Harvard university research indicates that in achieving success only 15 percent is contributed by information and the balance 85 percent is contributed by the attitude of a person. As per Wiston Churchill attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Mata Amritanandamaji popularly called Amma who is one of India’s most celebrated spiritual guides say that it is the right attitude that would free us from all limitations.

Is it not a fact that our modern education system is focussed only on facts and figures and not much attention is given for shaping the attitude of students. It is said that attitude is the difference between the best and you. Our attitude should be to act in this world, as there is no other choice and do our best to improve it without being influenced by worldly attractions and possessions. Every situation is an opportunity for learning and growth which accounts for improving our attitude towards life.

Attitude should be cooperative and not competitive. The best is to have ‘what can I contribute’ attitude towards the world. Most urgent question for you should be ‘what are we doing for others’.

Sometimes it is our attitude that produces stress. By correct handling of our attitude we can transform negativity into positivity. Attitude moulds aptitude. Aptitude is the condition of mind that determines our conduct.

Our attitude depends upon our Samskars. Good work or good intention behind our work changes our attitude. If our attitude is good, our Samskaras are good and if our Samskaras are good our thoughts are good producing good speech and actions.

Attitude also means looking at the problem differently with newness in order to obtain out of box solution. Two people may do the same thing but the results of the work will be different. This difference in result lie in the difference in the attitude of two people we cannot change the past or people who act in a different way. What we can change is our attitude towards the past or people. Forgetting the past and accepting people as they are.

Developing right attitude

Attitude plays a major part in developing your personality. Your thoughts create feelings which becomes your attitude. Then we perform actions with this attitude, this becomes a habit which moulds our personality.  So much depends on your thoughts to have a particular type of attitude. So the first step is to make our thoughts good which would ensure right attitude to shape our personality. If you do bad to others and draw pleasure out of it, now do good to others and draw happiness out of it. For that you have to become good yourself. For becoming good your have to understand moral virtues and practise them so that they become a part of you, you do not have to stop on becoming good yourself but you have also to perform good actions while dealing with others. Attitude can also be defined as our outlook and tendencies which a man acquires as a result of his actions. When your attitude is good and positive you would be able to pick up good in everything.

Always live in present. If you have regrets of the past or worry for the future your mind shall remain unsteady and anxious which would deprive you to have a positive attitude. A calm disposition with clarity of thoughts helps one to acquire a positive attitude. Positive attitude is one of the factors which is responsible for maintaining good health. Irrelevant thoughts should be discouraged with self control so that the mind stays on useful thoughts. Develop a spiritual outlook which removes impurities from the mind.

Think differently but positively to correct your attitude. If you think one way and do the work you would get a result. If you think the same way and do the same work you will get the same result. With a changed attitude based on knowledge, the result that would accrue would be better and quite different from what you achieved first time. So your attitude has given a better result which may be called an out of box solution. A thankful disposition helps us in getting a good attitude as it is said gratitude is the best attitude.


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