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Being Connected to Truth

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Contemplation of our existence is primordial; it is forever within our consciousness.
It is part us to question where we come from, who we are, where we are going, and what is really important in our lives.  We may think that we are living how we are meant to; holding onto the idea that what we were given in this life is all that we are meant for.  But what if this wasn’t true?   What if there is more out there for you, beyond today and what you are doing in this life?  What if there was a connection to be made that required no thought, but excited your heart and who you really are?  This life we all lead is connected to something higher, with more meaning and desire than we may ever know.  All that can really be felt is that there is more; that is why we always question, think, dream, and want to interpret mankind’s calling.

Our very own life has meaning; it reaches deeper than we realize.
What if there was far more, more to you and your calling in life than what you have even imagined?  We can encapsulate ourselves within our own paradigm of reality, insulate ourselves within the walls of our chosen destiny, and yet never fully wake up to what is real.  Why do we do this?  We do this because we know no other way.  We live amongst a dream-state of existence, prolonging it by never seeking to wake up.  We can entertain thoughts of there being more to life, but never fully question it in itself.

Why only belong to your ideas of self; why not question if there is more and what it could be, not only for yourself, but for the life you lead?
The connection I talk about comes from within, and it reaches further out than you can imagine.  It already calls to you and speaks to; only we think it is a dream, a reality untouched by our behaviors and the way we choose to live our lives.  The connection to truth, to what is real, is available in each of us.  It first requires our attention, our thoughts, our questions, and the desire to know more.  It reaches within us and spells out the answer if we look.  Life is not just about the world around us; it is being within and understanding our connection to all.

By Zoe Young and Adam Benedetto at Answers in Writing



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