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The Lightworkers' Oracle

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The Lightworkers' Oracle is a channelled message provided by Wendy Stokes, author of 'The Lightworkers' Circle Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups' published by O Books. Visit

"Let me tell you my story. Our small farm was situated on the perimeter of Bethlehem, an ancient town of great renown. A shepherd boy, on the very hills where my sheep roamed, became the greatest King our country had ever known. Many people from all over the country came at that time to pay their taxes to the occupying Romans who had taken over our country. That particular night - I remember it as though it was yesterday - I had built a small shelter, as I did each evening. I was a poor shepherd boy, watching my father's flock on the Bethlehem hillside with my dog. In the distance, I heard a shepherd brother calling to me from the adjoining valley and approached my field in great haste. It was a cold night with a ground frost and the sky was crystal clear. As he arrived, he said with concern: "There is a strange light on the horizon - look east, the dawn has come too early!" There I saw a light like none I had ever seen before. I thought it was the end of the world! We were soon joined by a fellow shepherd who had also seen the sign in the sky. Whilst speaking together, we hardly noticed a mist gathering and then suddenly, an extraordinary being with a magnificent aura, appeared to us. In the aura were many smaller spiritual beings of great beauty and delicate light. We were terrified senseless until the being spoke and told us not to be afraid because it brought 'peace and good news'. It then told us an amazing story which I will now recount to you.

A poor young girl had delivered a child in a cave just outside the town. Despite her labour, she had travelled many miles upon the back of on a donkey with her infirm husband to pay their precious savings to the tax collectors. Upon arrival in the town, they discovered there were no lodgings available that they could afford. Then the being told us that this child would be the saviour of mankind and would be in great peril from the puppet king, Herod, who ruled our land on behalf of foreign oppressors.

We decided to leave our sheep in the care of our well trained dogs and quickly travel on foot overnight to the cave to see this new-born child. Dawn was breaking when we arrived. As we gazed into the half-light, we saw several animals had entered the cave to shelter from the overnight frost. Beyond them, a girl, hardly fourteen years of age, sat in silence with an elderly man at her side. We do not know if he was present for the birth, as women were considered unclean in childbirth and for many days after. We noticed at the side of the cave, the baby, wrapped in its birth rags, had been placed in an animal feeding trough. The scene was peaceful but full of sadness. She was relieved that they had both lived through the ordeal. We whispered an enquiry and were told she had been blessed with a healthy, baby boy. We entered and bowed to the girl and I removed my sheepskin coat and wrapped it about her shivering shoulders. We respected her for giving birth to her first child in these desperate conditions and we looked honourably at the baby, born in deprivation but destined to become a great man.  Praise God, she and the babe were safe!

As we were leaving, we met outriders and were informed that a large camel train was coming from the Western desert with men dressed in rich and colourful silks. We were pleased that men of great wealth and power were coming. We left feeling very proud because we were the first to pay our respects!"

We were leaving as the camel train arrived and one of the great men called out to us, "Did the girl deliver safely the child?" "Yes", I shouted. "Thank God! Herod has instructed his officers to kill all babes in their mother's arms in order to ensure this child's life is ended. He is Jesus who will be the saviour of humankind!" I challenged him and laughed, "This is a poor beggar family" and was amazed by his reply. "No, on his father, Joseph's side, and on his mother's side, he is of the Royal line of David and is a true prince of the land of Israel. He is heir to the throne upon which Herod now sits!" My two shepherd brothers and I were deeply shocked. These men, certainly of royal birth themselves, told us to tell no-one of what we had seen. What a secret for us to bear! Of course, we did not know at that time that the child was not born of Joseph. Many people gossiped and said that he was the child of a Roman soldier, a man with ginger hair! Yes, we saw him grow, and yes, Jesus had red hair! He would never be able to take his place as the true king of Israel with red hair. No, he grew into a fine young man who walked throughout the land, healing and teaching like a priest and prophet. He was what you would call an angry young man - angry with the priests, judges and politicians who corruptly governed the land of our ancestors. He was thirty years of age when they hauled him before the court and charged him with blasphemy, a charge that carried the Roman penalty of death upon a cross on the hillside! They placed a crown of thorns upon his head, a purple cloak about his shoulders and a plaque above his head which bore the inscription:  'Jesus, King of the Jews!' He was buried in the tomb of a rich man from Arimethea. The Romans thought they had destroyed our poor prince but 2000 years later his words live on: 'Do unto others as you would be done by!' Obey this commandment, dear friend, and do not forget my words - for this is a true story!"


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