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How to Determine your Luck Cycle and Attract Luck!

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Author: Jim Francis

One of the more extraordinary discoveries our research efforts made was in the field of luck! Luck is a personal psychokinetic event.

There are two kinds of luck. The first is what we consider to be a "random event" which happens unexpectedly. This may well be part of an individual's personal synchronistic event-train which in real time appears to happen for no discernible reason. However future hindsight may indicate that this event-train was part of an overall pattern.

The second kind is the most important. It is created by your own personal ability to interact with your environment in a positive creative way.

Everyone has a natural luck cycle. This is the time when good things just seem to happen unexpectedly. It is well known that professional gamblers have "hot runs" when for days on end everything goes the way they want. It is not so well known that this state is actually caused by a combination of their natural luck cycle PLUS their emotive interaction with the environment.

In other words they are psychokinetically driving toward the results they want. They have added an emotive psychokinetic plus factor to their natural luck cycle peak. This type of event is an observable fact and it is quite likely that at some point in your life it has happened to you or to someone you know.

It is suspected that luck runs in monthly cycles and there are times when everything appears to go wrong. This happens to me on a regular monthly basis and during those times I leave all forms of gaming alone. There are also much longer luck cycles but these are not relevant to the PK LUCK program.

Probably the easiest way to determine your luck period is to visit a slot machine establishment 2-3 times per week and purchase a small amount of coin. Play one machine after another, giving each one 3-4 spins. The idea is to note how long your container of coins last

During your natural good-luck period you will probably run at a slight profit or break-even for some period of time. During bad luck periods your money will disappear rapidly.

You can see that it is fairly important to determine where your luck periods actually lie. It is obviously pointless trying to manipulate your environment psychokinetically when your natural cycles are against you.

You’ll be able to determine your luck or even control it; you only need to have your own cassette tape or any player that will play the messages. The tape will contain the desired program repeated over and over. Simply read your short messages on to it....leave a 5 second gap....then repeat the message. It is a good idea to record 5 minutes silence at the start of the tape then your repeated message. Due to the program suggestions on your cassette tape you will start to notice events and trends that were not apparent before.

Once you determine your luck cycles, you may decide not to play your cassette tape during your negative psychotronic periods (bad luck periods), so there is nothing wrong whatsoever in making a second tape with one or two of the habit-transforming messages and playing it during this "off" period.

Do NOT give up! Keep at it. The results you want WILL happen.

But only your subconscious knows the timing and it is not about to let you know! Remember you are changing your basic belief system and there will be a certain amount of subconscious resistance to this. I must stress here that if you experience any unusual side-effects then stop playing the tape until they disappear. Like any other hypnotic program the program affects your subconscious mind

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One Response to “How to Determine your Luck Cycle and Attract Luck!”

  1. Erwin Dormoy says:

    I have not been able to be productive ,even if it seens do to many. I guess my appearance,give out that vibes.But my Bank Account is Negative for too long beyond understanding.
    Many time I would feel lucky I would go out and all the best I can and get good response,but it always ends up in nothing.

    Please help me see my way

    Erwin Dormiy

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