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How to Grab Luck by His Neck and Never Let Him Go Again - 7 Ways Attract Luck

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Author: Razvan Dobre

Luck. The final frontier. People that have success are born with a special ability that makes them lucky. False. Forget you ever heard this. People are sometimes lucky because they do certain things that gives them a great result in the end. They make there own luck.

1. The first step is to be...

Positive. Be as positive as you can be. In most cases, luck comes to people that are positive most of the time. Don't complain about your life or the things you have to do. Instead, take a firm attitude against negative thinking. Just give it a big F and tell it that it's services are no longer needed. Then, welcome the positive thinking and keep it in your mind.

2. Become a risk taker.

Take new challenges. If you aren't already, then become a risk taker. If you don't ask for it, luck won't just barge into your life. You have to chase it, run after it until you get it. Luck is definitely waiting for you somewhere in the dark.

You just have to get a lantern and find it.

3. Help others get luck into their own lives

Help others and you will receive help, in this case you will receive luck. By giving your best to teach others what you know about luck and to try to genuinely help them receive it, you will become a lucky person. If you are thinking tha this isn't working, because you tried it, know this: You didn't try this hard enough! Maybe success (luck) was just around the corner when you decided that this isn't working and you quit.

Never give up until you get what you want! Never! If you quit, it only means that you've wasted a lot of time in vain, so don't quit. Be a winner, not a quitter! Give your best and persevere. Luck and success will come when you are ready to handle them.

Luck comes to people that are willing to share it with others.

4. Be a good sport

Give credit to anyone that helps you. Say thank you to people that helped you. Leave a comment after you read an article that you found interesting. Send an email to the owner of a site, if you think that the site is useful. Help anyone that seems to be stack somewhere. You will benefit from this as well.

5. Is this bad luck or good luck?

There was an old man that had a 20 years old sun. One day, his sun fell and broke his leg. He was so upset and angry, and he often said: "I must be the unluckiest man on earth. I only get bad luck" The older man, on the other hand, said: "Let us see if this is bad luck. Who knows what could it be."

After 1 week, a war started in that country and all the men that were fit to fight had to go to battle. Because of his broken leg, the young man, staid home. Many people died in the war, but he survived because of his "bad luck".

This story illustrates a strong point: you never know if something is bad luck. Wait for it. Try to see the opportunity in everything. Who know what the "bad luck" could bring into your life.

6. Change your future

You can change you future, if you analyze the past. Make a list of 10-20 past events from your life, were you feel that good luck was on your side. After you wrote down those events, try to put them in a list by importance. what was the most important event from those 20? Was was the second and so on? After this, take every event and analyze it in depth. What really happened? What made it a success and not a failure?

You could even talk to people involved in that event and ask for their opinion to get the big picture.The more you will analyze the better prepared you will be, and when, in the future, you will have to deal with events that are similar to the ones in the past, you will know what to do to make them a success.

7. The reverse tactic

Bad luck is highly influenced by the actions you take. And the actions you take are a result of your thinking. So if you start thinking differently you will get other results. How about if instead of listening to other people's voices that tell you that this is bad luck and that is bad luck, what if you did it your way?

How about a reverse?

Whenever you do something that people say it's bad luck, think of it like being good luck. Adopt a black cat. Use the number 13 often, break your wife's mirror - just kidding 🙂 You get the picture. Make good luck out of your bad luck and don't let anyone tell you what to do.

I embrace you,

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