What Exactly is Self Control?

By Lt Col R K Langar

Bhagavad Gita highlights the value of self control when it lists self control as one of the divine virtues. The immediate meaning of the word self control is to control over senses, (which are outgoing) and mind-sense control and mind control, which is detaching the mind from sense enjoyment. The other common definitions of self control are, ability to withdraw senses from sense objects at will, ability to put “No Entry” on the mind for waste and negative thoughts and ability to have a regulated worldly life. But there is a much deeper meaning of self control. It is a complete control on your mind, speech and actions. Whatever I think, speak or do is exactly how and when, want to do so and I am not compelled by outer situations to act in a particular way. In other words I give my consent before anything which comes out of me. I am in full control of my life and not a single action which comes out of me is without my approval. This is real freedom. Continue reading What Exactly is Self Control? »

The Best Recipe to Change your Life

This recipe will feed your soul. This is the one recipe you can abuse of daily. By the way, we strongly recommend it!

My husband and I have been dedicated to Spiritual Response Therapy (see bio) for years now and we’ve learned so much (and still are everyday) that we are changed. Our spiritual journey took us from our beliefs, perceptions and judgments to deep-seated negative patterns, to past life traumas and so on…I don’t think we’ll ever be done since we all are infinite beings but we do know there are many ways to create the life you desire.

Along the way, we’ve come across the Best Recipe to change one’s life. It is powerful yet simple. It is magical yet natural, as we remember we are spiritual beings in essence. Following this recipe means a guaranteed success to whoever tries it and perfects it. Continue reading The Best Recipe to Change your Life »

Spirituality and Giving

by Emma Filey

In a beautiful article speaking on the connection between spirituality and social change, Dr. Stewart Bitkoff eloquently expresses the link between spirituality and giving: “Only after you have matured psychologically and spiritually, can you reach out and help another: free of resentment or need for reward. Helping others, without self-interest, is part of being human; it helps define who we are as a species.” Those undergoing a spiritual evolution often stop to ponder of how they can help make the world a better place through disinterested actions. Unconditional love, “the love of all others regardless of race, religion or deeds” tacitly implies loving fellow human beings, so that we cannot turn a blind eye to their suffering. In this post, we pick a few relevant quotes from the Bible on the subject of giving and analyze how these teaching can be applied to our everyday life: Continue reading Spirituality and Giving »

Real Beauty is not skin deep

By Lt Col R K langar

Beauty is true sense which attracts and appeals does not lie that much at the body or surface level of a human being. Real and lasting beauty is inside a person at a deeper level who possesses human, moral and spiritual values and exhibits these values in his conduct and behavior. A person may have a good physical look but may not be that beautiful from inside as compared to his or her outer appearance. Conversely a person may not impress you at first sight but turns out to be beautiful within when you interact with him. Real personality of a person is his character which is the sum total of inner virtues of the person which give him inner strength and originality. Of the two beauties inner and outer, real beauty is the inner beauty which is based on the virtues and values a person exhibits. Continue reading Real Beauty is not skin deep »

What the Master Offers

by Dr Stewart Bitkoff

Traveler: “Master, why don’t more of the people take what you offer them? In your hand you hold a wondrous element that can transform their lives.”

Master: “I extend my hand to everyone, yet few see what I hold. Most never open their eyes.”

Traveler: “Then, why don’t you teach them to open their eyes?”

Master: “First, they must be willing and able to learn.”


Excerpt from Journey of Light: Trilogy, Authorhouse, 2004.

Completing Evolution

Interactions Between Student, Teacher & Path

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff


In order to affect a great work, there must be the combining of factors or a confluence of essences. For the spiritual traveler to reach completion, and assume an active role in their own higher destiny and the higher destiny of the universe, this process involves an interaction between student, teacher and Path.

This confluence is fundamental to the journey and is held together by the grace of the Path.  In order for the spiritual traveler to complete their own great work, identified below are some of the key concepts that require understanding and coming together.  Continue reading Completing Evolution »

Contradictory statements give deeper understanding

By Lt Col R K Langar

Sometimes apparent contradictory statements give deeper knowledge and understanding. Looks like a paradox but it is absolutely true. Again there is a tendency to express certain things about life in a negative way where as these could also be easily expressed in a positive manner. We shall study the above two aspects with examples.

Contradictory statements

“ Meet some one as if you are meeting him for the first time” is one statement . Another statement which is quite opposite to it  says “ meet some one as if you have known him for ages.” These two statements look opposite to each other but see how these give deep understanding about our conduct. Continue reading Contradictory statements give deeper understanding »

The Cost Of Being An Activist

by Gabriel of Urantia 6/11/14

I’m sure that many of the activists in neighboring Arivaca (of Pima County, Arizona) can identify to some extent with this article and my experiences. I am very proud to live in Santa Cruz County—a county that has a good number of activists for a variety of worthy causes. And I want to honor Mayor Garino of Nogales, Arizona for his valiant stance for prayer before the council meetings—a nationwide issue that went all the way to The Supreme Court.

It takes both courage and humility for the Mayor to stand up for the right of city officials to pray for some assistance higher than just themselves in meeting the many challenges of local governments. Even more ideal is when the various belief systems of the local area can be represented in these prayers. No one has to personally participate in the prayer who chooses not to, but I think providing the opportunity for those who want to appeal to a Higher Source is wise, for many reasons. Continue reading The Cost Of Being An Activist »

How to Harness the Potential of Your Intuition and Improve Your Life

by Dr. Bruno R. Cignacco (PhD)

1. Relevance of intuition

Intuition is also called sudden discernment, gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense, epiphany, aha moment, revelation or hunches. In this book it was explained that your subconscious mind is unlimited as compared with your conscious level. In that sense, your hunches are shortcuts to your unconscious mind. The subconscious level tends to communicate throughout images, sounds or sensations.

The subconscious mind makes connections in no linear ways because it has an overarching view on things. In most cases, our reasoning mind cannot understand them, for example, when you have some urges that push you in a specific direction. All intuitive insights have a relevant message to convey.  For this reason, you should always follow your intuition, whenever possible.

When you use your intuition, you are going beyond your traditional senses, such as sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. For this reason this inner knowing is also called “sixth sense”. When you receive intuitive insights, you are likely not to be focused on your environment; instead you might be dwelling inwardly. However you don’t have to make any effort to get intuitive insights, they tend to show up spontaneously. Continue reading How to Harness the Potential of Your Intuition and Improve Your Life »

A Better World

by Dr Stewart Bitkoff

People wonder how to create a better world?
In theory, it’s fairly simple, but O so difficult to accomplish.
In each moment, try to rise higher.
In every situation, out of love,
Do your best to create the highest possible outcome.
The highest possible outcome:
Is that which helps others, self,
And the emerging higher destiny of the Universe.

And if you make a ‘mistake,’ try again.
Unintentionally, if you hurt another:  ask for their forgiveness.
And if you don’t know
What the highest possible outcome might be?
Ask for guidance from the Unseen Forces;
Then take a chance- doing the best that you can.
Then leave the outcome up to the Universe.

In some respect, you are but a player in a Game.
A very serious, joyous and multi-leveled Game:
Yet filled with endless opportunity,
Watered by Grace,
And where all ‘mistakes’ are absolved through Love.


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