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What Happens When We "Die"?

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At traditional times of togetherness such as Christmas we remember those who have departed and ponder the fate of personalities we have loved and shared our pathway with.

What is Life?

Spirituality considers the physical universe as but one manifestation of an infinite and eternal source (= Spirit = God). The universe almost certainly holds an enormous variety of life forms in addition to humanity and the creatures we share the earth with. The nature of our source is an insatiable thirst for experience, and it is this thirst that is responsible for this multitude of manifestations, including the bio-chemical phenomena called “life” possessed of varying degrees of free will.

The key points are:

  1. all that exists comes from source and is part of source, individuality is an illusion
  2. source is unbounded, whereas all manifestations are finite

The end of a given life, ie the cessation of function of the supporting organism ( “death”) is actually the point at which the associated life-force (soul) returns to its natural state of pure Spirit, much like an individual rain drop falling back into the ocean. (more…)


Is Spiritualism Real?

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Readings Received at 2 local Spiritualist Churches: January 2013 - April 2015


I attended regularly (more or less weekly, with some gaps) one of two local Spiritualist churches for some years to mid-2015 (when I stopped attending for various reasons). This article summarises and attempts to assess for accuracy and meaning this briefest snapshot of Spiritualist practice.


In order to obtain an “objective” score, each testable statement made by the medium was given an estimated probability (and hence odds) of being correct given information available to medium (eg my appearance, previous answers in reading, potential memory of previous readings etc). Statements were treated as unit stake “bets” at assessed odds. NB: i) where statement was true but in very broad sense (eg name was someone I knew casually many years ago) bet was calculated at less than unit stake; ii) estimated odds  may unconsciously reflect my desire for Spiritualism to be real. Score is total return/loss of all bets for a reading. (more…)


Spiritualist Beliefs

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In the early days of Spiritualism in the 19th century the medium Emma Hardinge Britten channelled what came to be accepted as the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

This article details the key philosophical beliefs that appear fundamental to Spiritualism in the early 21st century. (more…)


Reincarnation: an Introduction

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Q: What would you like to say about reincarnation?  Is this something from your framework that you accept or believe?

Once again, it does not matter what a traveler believes; the operative aspect is if this is a reality or potential of the situation?

Because much has been written about reincarnation and much has been proliferated as a control mechanism, we will discuss those issues most pertinent to our present western life.

However before beginning, it is important to keep in mind that in some societies this teaching was used and is used as a method to control a population by declaring something like. “Travelers must be content with their present status because it is what they earned; in future lives they have unlimited potential and can gain in material benefits.”  (more…)


Mediumship: A Healing Experience Unlike Any Other

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By Roger Hardnock

When a loved one passes on, we typically find comfort in the arms of family and friends, in support groups, through grief counseling, and in our place of worship. But what happens when our broken heart needs something deeper and more profound than those kind words and a sympathetic ear? What if we yearn for a greater sense of certainty—that our loved one really is free of pain, and actually at peace in that better place?

Evidential Mediums—blessed with the ability to form a connection with those who have passed on, offer a solution that many are now turning to.

During a session with an Evidential Medium, departed loved ones are given a channel by which to come back—in spirit. Through the medium, they share evidence that validates their presence, and give examples of how they are still present in our lives. They share personal messages that would otherwise never be heard. Most Evidential Mediums consider this work a divine calling—a sacred gift—to be able to offer relief to those who have lost someone dear: a parent, spouse, friend or even a child.

The following transcript comes from an actual mediumship session. (more…)


Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D. - reviewed

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by Doug Simpson

Dr. Weiss graduated from Columbia University and Yale Medical School. He is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, Florida. A nationally recognized psychiatrist, he risked his reputation by going public with the story of his personal experiences with a seriously-traumatized, intellectual young lady he has called Catherine. After endless months of minimal success in dealing with Catherine’s phobias and resulting traumas, he resorted to deep hypnotic therapy and the unexpected happened. Catherine, without any prompting, commenced talking about her past lifetimes. At first Dr. Weiss could not believe what he was hearing and sought all sorts of alternative explanations for the source of the information that freely flowed through his difficult-to-help patient. To make his case against reincarnation even more difficult, over a short period of time Catherine commenced to systematically shed her phobias as she uncovered their origins in past lifetimes. Dr. Weiss was very relieved when he eventually confided his unthinkable discoveries to a few close colleagues and they conceded that they too had made similar discoveries but were also reluctant to go public with them. (more…)


Is there life after death?

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by Katrina-Jane

Being a clairvoyant medium, I have had so many people come through the door and tell me that they have been waiting for a sign from a loved one that has passed over, yet they haven’t received anything. And they just want to know that their loved one is alright.

This of course, raises the question of, ‘is there life after death?’  My answer to that is a simple ‘yes’.  I firmly believe that there is and I have had far too many instances of those in the spirit world giving messages of proof to their loved ones here on this earth for me to ever doubt that there is more to life than just our existence here.

I could give you hundreds of examples but I will contain it to just one. (more…)


Why Don’t We Remember Past Lives?

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

The book of your life
Is filled with many blank pages;
You are free to write on them
Whatever you choose.


People do not remember past lives for several different reasons. (more…)


How to Become Psychic

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Psychic Ability and Mediumship

Developing Psychic? Want to Develop your Psychic Ability? Visit fledglingPSYCHIC

Psychic ability and mediumship are very similar in that both involve the acquisition of knowledge by non-physical means, ie other than passing through the physical senses. The difference lies in the source of that knowledge. The distinction is a nebulous one with both psychics and mediums switching between faculties, often without realizing.

In mediumship knowledge is received from distinct Spiritual entitles, often (but not necessarily) those that have previously lived on earth.

In psychic functioning knowledge is received from other incarnate Spirits (as in telepathy, or mind reading) or by the seer using their own Spiritual part to reach out and obtain otherwise hidden knowledge of the physical realm.

The distinction doesn’t usually matter, as the information obtained is likely to be equally accurate. (more…)


Reincarnation: New Evidence

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by Rabbi Allen S. Maller

A rather unusual form of evidence for reincarnation comes from the Jewish mystical tradition; the Kabbalah. Unlike Buddhism and Hinduism, Kabbalah does not teach that reincarnation (gilgul) occurs over the course of millions of years to millions of different sentient species.

According to Kabbalah, only the souls of self conscious moral creatures like human beings, reincarnate; and they reincarnate only when they have not fulfilled the purpose of their creation. Since Judaism is an optimistic religion, most Kabbalists teach that most people can accomplish their life’s purpose in one or two lifetimes. (more…)


Love Never Dies

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Dr. Jamie Turndorf

He was my soulmate and he never left me.

When I was a young girl, I received a detailed premonition of the man that I would one day marry. So I was content to wait for him to appear.

And he did appear on the first day of my freshman year at Vassar College. I had been shut out of all the introductory sociology classes and I was told to ask Jean Pin, the department chair, if he could find a spot for me in one of the closed classes. (more…)