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Am I Psychic?

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The short answer is yes, everyone is naturally psychic!

What Does Being Psychic Mean?

The physical universe we inhabit is just one tiny part of an infinitely greater reality, sometimes called Spirit. As humans we have a physical body, but also a non-physical part (or “soul”) which straddles the physical and non-physical realms.

While we're alive our soul mainly stays in the background as our physical systems negotiate the complexities of life, but it's always there. It's what determines our basic character and choices, and the source of our intuition (ie psychic ability). Being psychic simply means raising our awareness beyond the physical plane.

Most of us have had occasional unexplained experiences, eg in the form of improbable coincidences (famously termed Synchronicity by psychologist CG Jung), prophetic dreams, or thinking about someone just before they call. Such experiences give glimpses of our psychic ability, but in most cases get brushed aside in the cold light of "reason".

How Can I Develop My Psychic Ability?



Online Psychic Readings – Chat vs. Phone

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Ever since the beginning of time, a lot of people have always been interested in getting psychic readings. As much as possible, they would want to consult with psychics who can see into the future and are more intuitive so that they can make the right decisions, the right choices in life. Basically, with psychic readings, what the psychic would do is it will start to read a person’s energy. The energy will determine the type of life that people will have based on their soul energy alone. (more…)


How to Become Psychic

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Psychic Ability and Mediumship

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Psychic ability and mediumship are very similar in that both involve the acquisition of knowledge by non-physical means, ie other than passing through the physical senses. The difference lies in the source of that knowledge. The distinction is a nebulous one with both psychics and mediums switching between faculties, often without realizing.

In mediumship knowledge is received from distinct Spiritual entitles, often (but not necessarily) those that have previously lived on earth.

In psychic functioning knowledge is received from other incarnate Spirits (as in telepathy, or mind reading) or by the seer using their own Spiritual part to reach out and obtain otherwise hidden knowledge of the physical realm.

The distinction doesn’t usually matter, as the information obtained is likely to be equally accurate. (more…)


Using Your Psychic Intuition To Overcome Conditioning

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by Psychic and Intuitive Counsellor, Kristine Fry

Human nature dictates that we are embedded in a society that will always recommend personal growth within the means of the consensus views of that dominant culture.

We all experience it in the every day yet most of time we do not live our lives from an authentic point or position simply because of the conditioning put upon us since birth.

As children we learn the right behaviours to get our needs met and this learned trait is continued in social groups, our workplaces, our homes, our family gatherings, in fact all of our self expression is often a reaction rather than a pure unbiased point of attention to the needs of any situation.

If we could all respond authentically the world would be a lot more different.

That begs the question. How does one respond authentically to any given situation? (more…)


How to Harness the Potential of Your Intuition and Improve Your Life

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by Dr. Bruno R. Cignacco (PhD)

1. Relevance of intuition

Intuition is also called sudden discernment, gut feeling, instinct, sixth sense, epiphany, aha moment, revelation or hunches. In this book it was explained that your subconscious mind is unlimited as compared with your conscious level. In that sense, your hunches are shortcuts to your unconscious mind. The subconscious level tends to communicate throughout images, sounds or sensations.

The subconscious mind makes connections in no linear ways because it has an overarching view on things. In most cases, our reasoning mind cannot understand them, for example, when you have some urges that push you in a specific direction. All intuitive insights have a relevant message to convey.  For this reason, you should always follow your intuition, whenever possible.

When you use your intuition, you are going beyond your traditional senses, such as sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. For this reason this inner knowing is also called “sixth sense”. When you receive intuitive insights, you are likely not to be focused on your environment; instead you might be dwelling inwardly. However you don’t have to make any effort to get intuitive insights, they tend to show up spontaneously. (more…)


The Case for Telepathy

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by Tom T. Moore - Copyright 2013

How many times have you, your family, or friends began to think of someone, and the phone rings and they’re on the phone?  Coincidence?  That’s what a scientist would say, because they’ve not been able to replicate this under “controlled conditions” in a laboratory.   Or perhaps you or one of your family members suddenly receives a feeling or message that another family member in another city was injured or died?  And how many times have you heard that twins or a couple married for many years can read each other’s thoughts?

All are examples of telepathy, which is defined as the transmission of information from one person to another without using any of our known sensory channels or physical interaction. (more…)


Developing Spiritual Awareness

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What is Spiritual Awareness?

Throughout history people have consulted shamans, oracles, witch doctors and others believed to possess "supernatural powers". These days greater numbers than ever, aided by advances in communication and computer technologies, are seeking advice from psychics and mediums and attending Spiritualist churches.

This suggests two things: 1) life often seems so overwhelming that it is necessary to enlist external help, and 2) a belief in (or, at the very least, acknowledgement of the possibility of) some greater power or intelligence existing beyond the physical realm of this world and our present life. Indeed this acknowledgement of some higher, mystical, reality seems innate to humankind, with organized religion the best known of its manifestations.

What may be less obvious to those consulting psychics and mediums is that with a little effort and self-discipline they could obtain the guidance they seek without recourse to a "middle man" and would likely make their lives much more satisfying into the bargain. (more…)


What is Mediumship?

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In these uncertain times folk often seek guidance from mediums, psychics, and clairvoyants; but what exactly is the difference, what can one expect from a medium, and is mediumship a talent that can be developed for ourselves?

Stated simply a psychic is a person who is able to raise his/her intuitive energy ("vibrations") sufficiently to draw closer to the Spiritual reality of which we are all a part. More specifically, a medium is a psychic with the particular ability to communicate with the conscious energy of those entities who once lived on earth but whose mortal bodies have now died. (more…)


What is Ouija?

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The Ouija board is a divinatory tool, much like astrology, numerology, tarot, palm-reading, crystal-gazing etc. Just like all tools its purpose is to make it possible/easier to achieve something. A drill helps you hang shelves, tools of divination like the Ouija help you re-connect with your
Spiritual source. (more…)


The Basics of Expanding Consciousness

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By Jaden Rose Phoenix, Author of Beyond Human: Claiming the Power and Magic of Your Limitless Self

Begin Where You Can Begin

There is always more than one route to the outcome you are seeking. However, to keep it simple, we will only explore a couple of starting points here. To allow your mind access to "other worlds," you might find it useful to have your left brain agree that experiencing unseen worlds is a possibility, a possibility that even you can have access to.

Start from the premise that there is evidence -- scientific evidence even -- that energies are present that you cannot see or feel or smell. (more…)