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Giving & Health

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

“God will not show mercy to him who does not show mercy to others.”

The Sufis assert that the highest form of service is self-less, anonymous service that is in alignment with the Truth.

Ordinary charity, or giving to others, is part of being a human being.  It is something which is expected in everyday life; it is part of the basic requirement of responsibility towards others.  Further, in order for the helping to be most effective, it should be done in secret.

In our society, most often, we make a display of generosity.  Pictures which are donated to hospitals have a plaque with the donor's name on it.  Or, lists of donors to a charity are published in newspapers.

This is a beginning and important, however, other levels of charity and giving exist. (more…)

Light On The Mountain - excerpt

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By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

Excerpt includes summary and introductory pages from the story.


This is the legend of the Ancient One, a spiritual being that has been asleep for 1000 years.  According to prophecy he awakens to lead the people of the city plain out of despair and oppression. Offering a message of hope and renewal, he sets in motion universal forces, which restore the balance.

This captivating tale parallels the challenges of modern society where wars rage with elusive terrorists, millions are homeless without shelter or nourishment and the rich continue to amass fortune. We are in need of a permanent solution to these age-old problems.

So come join the Ancient One as he brings Light to the mountain and reveals the inherent power of our collective human potential, working together and reaching higher.

-SB (more…)

Mediumship: A Healing Experience Unlike Any Other

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By Roger Hardnock

When a loved one passes on, we typically find comfort in the arms of family and friends, in support groups, through grief counseling, and in our place of worship. But what happens when our broken heart needs something deeper and more profound than those kind words and a sympathetic ear? What if we yearn for a greater sense of certainty—that our loved one really is free of pain, and actually at peace in that better place?

Evidential Mediums—blessed with the ability to form a connection with those who have passed on, offer a solution that many are now turning to.

During a session with an Evidential Medium, departed loved ones are given a channel by which to come back—in spirit. Through the medium, they share evidence that validates their presence, and give examples of how they are still present in our lives. They share personal messages that would otherwise never be heard. Most Evidential Mediums consider this work a divine calling—a sacred gift—to be able to offer relief to those who have lost someone dear: a parent, spouse, friend or even a child.

The following transcript comes from an actual mediumship session. (more…)

ALAPINAH - The Quest for the Secret to Health

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By Amnon Josting

Balance and the Balance System of the Human Collective

Nature strives for balance.

Nature’s language of balance is as follows: everyone listens to everyone, everyone talks with everyone, online, simultaneously and without delay.

The human race is only one communications system out of an infinite amount of communication forms that exist in nature. Although it is a unique system unmatched by any other in the observable universe, it does not defy the laws of nature.

We too, as individuals and as a human collective, strive for balance.

Every animal we know lives in harmony with nature instinctively and innately, but we act differently, due to two basic components acting synergistically in the foundation of the communications system known as the "human race".

The first component is the capacity for making conscious choices, with an unlimited range of options at its core.

The second component is the emotional frame that all human beings share. (more…)

An Optimistic View of Pre-Messianic Developments

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By Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Human society changed more rapidly, violently and fundamentally in the last century of the second millennium than ever before in history.  Doctors saved the lives of millions.  Dictators sacrificed the lives of millions. Populations exploded and birthrates declined.  Technology produced both worldwide prosperity and pollution at the same time.

Knowing all this, should we look upon the first century of the third millennium with optimistic hope or with fatalistic trepidation?  Are the world and our society heading towards a wonder-filled new age, or toward a doomsday; or are both occurring concurrently because breakdown is always a prelude to breakthrough?  (more…)

Accepting Suffering With Love?

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Rabbi Allen S. Maller

The following discussion comes from the Talmud. It is deeply concerned with making suffering more bearable by making suffering more meaningful. But also teaches us not to be too pious when encountering other people's suffering.

What is the lesson from (the life of) Rabbi Nahum the optimist?  This is his story:
Rabbi Nahum the optimist had bad vision, and arthritis in both his hands and his feet. Once his disciples asked “Rabbi, how can it be that someone as kind hearted and good as you should suffer such misfortunes?” 


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Holy Matrimony and Spiritual Sexuality for New Age Minds

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Rabbi Allen S. Maller

Most Jews know that according to Jewish tradition sexual activities between a husband and wife are a Mitsvah (a spiritual exercise and a religious commitment).  Many Jews know that lovemaking on Shabbat is a double Mitsvah.

Some Jews know that the Kabbalah (the Jewish mystical tradition) teaches that the Shekinah (the feminine presence of God) rests on a Jewish man when he makes love to his Jewish wife on Shabbat. Non Orthodox Rabbis have expanded all these principles to apply to any loving couple, especially those who realize that they are part of new age community.

I will continue to use the traditional gender terms so that the radical teachings in the Jewish mystical tradition about sexuality remain evident.

Actually the Shekeenah can rest on a man whenever he makes love to his wife with a sense of reverence, tenderness, adoration and love. The Shabbat adds holiness and chosenness to their feelings.

The key attitude is the sense that his wife is God’s gift, the source of his blessings, and the most wonderful manifestation of God’s presence.

But very few Jews know that if in addition to this attitude, he also makes love to his wife intentionally desiring to imagine a  spiritual unification within the heavenly realm as he unifies the earthly one, he and his wife enact a great Tikun- a spiritual mending or uplifting.

This Tikun is woven together with similar Tikunim from other married couples into a crown for the Divine One who also unites with His Shekeenah on Shabbat and Yom Tov. Just as the prayers proclaimed in each Synagogue are all woven together into a crown for the Holy One of Israel, so too are the holy unifications of each couple married under a Hupah (marriage canopy) woven into a crown.

In the past the esoteric details of how to elevate their lovemaking into a Tikun were transmitted orally and very discretely from mother to daughter. These details were based on the seventh chapter of the Song of Songs, a Biblical book that Rabbi Akiba proclaimed the holiest song in the entire Scriptures.

A wife who desires to enable her husband to fulfill the Mitsvah of Tikun coupling should direct him to begin by kissing and creaming her feet (Song of Songs 7:2). Then she should direct him to slowly and reverently work his way up to her crowning flowing hair that entangles a King/God, (7:6) thus allowing him to climb the palm tree (7:9) and perform the unification below which is woven into the unification above. Over the years the spiritual uplift of this Tikun becomes greater and greater.

Even fewer Jews know that the holy Kabbalist, Rabbi Isaac Luria, developed several Tikunim to enable spiritually aware Jewish couples to use their imagination to repair fractured hopes and intentions in those around them, to elevate broken spirits both near and far, and to re-energize efforts to make life holy. All of this through a couple's own lovemaking at night.

These Tikunim are among those referred to as Tikunay Hatzot-mid night spiritual exercises. Every  wife partakes of some aspects of Leah and some aspects of Rachel (the two wives of Jacob/Israel).

Like Leah, every woman is potentially very fruitful, both emotionally and physically. Like Rachel, every woman is potentially spellbinding and enthralling.

When her husband regards his wife as a gift from God and loves her totally, faithfully and submissively, his lovemaking and partnership being more to give her pleasure than for his own pleasure, he realizes and actualizes her blessings and God's blessings.

This is especially important when duress makes her weep openly or inside, All forms of Tikun Hatzot stress this.

Sexual activity prior to midnight increases the aspect of Leah. Sexual activity after midnight, and in the pre-dawn or early morning hours increases the aspect of Rachel. Sexual intercourse with Leah, better known in Lurianic Kabbalah as the face of  Imma, the great mother Goddess, helps to reduce negative actions and situations in family and personal affairs.

Sexual intercourse during the second part of the night is with Rachel who ascends in the morning as Matronita, the ruling presence of Shekinah. Elevating Matronita helps avoid the worst case public scenarios we fear, and helps increases the number of small but important contributions to the improvement of Jewish and world society. One who regards his wife as a gift from God will pray in her intimate presence.

These Tikunim should be done every Shabbat and if desired once or twice during weekdays. They are not magic, nor are they imaginary, but if  faithfully imagined they always have a positive impact over time.

A Hassidic mystic, Rabbi Nathan Hanover, adds, “After you perform Tikun Hatzot, prepare yourself and unify the Holy One with Shekinah by making your body, each and every limb, a chariot for Shekinah.”-Thus sexual activity should end with the wife above, feeling she is Shekinah-the ruling Matronita blessing her husband  by raising to heaven, with her husband below feeling that he serves as a mystical Merkavah-chariot (as did the Holy Temple in Jerusalem) elevating her to the heavens.

This helps actualize the images in their thoughts and desires and promotes remedies, rectifications, and blessings for those around them and throughout the world.

All the above flows from the basic theology of Jewish marriage under a Hupah-canopy.  Kiddushin-holy matrimony for Jews, is a reenactment by two individuals of the holy covenant first entered into by God and Israel at Sinai, when God and Israel first chose each other. God chose Israel saying, “You shall be a special treasure for me,,, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation” (Exodus 19:4-5). The Jewish people chose God by answering, “All that the Lord has spoken we will do” (Exodus 19:8).

Torah is the Ketubah-marriage contract, between two covenanted partners. Mitsvot are their daily loving interactions. Torah Study and worship are the pillow talk between God and Israel. Tikunim- Kabbalistic mystical exercises, imaged meditations and sexuality are  the intimacies of married life.

The blessings of holy marriage extend far beyond the happy couple. As the seventh of the seven marital blessings says, they bring joy and happiness to the bride and groom and also to the cities of Israel and the streets of Jerusalem (a redemptive Messianic reference).

Rabbi Maller's web site is:

’Tis the Season

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Niánn Emerson Chase

Holiday Issues and Earthly Concerns

Throughout the years during the holidays, issues have arisen over how to express the nature of this special season of celebration for many people from diverse cultures. In the United States there has been an ongoing conflict between the conservative Christians (whose agenda is to keep the holidays “Christian”) and the more inclusive Christians and non-Christian religionists (who desire to include other faiths in the celebration of the season). The nonreligious groups, who want to also celebrate the holidays, have advocated for keeping all signs of Christianity or any other religion out of public displays and expression of the season.

This year in particular these issues seem petty when considering that there is an uncertain future for all of humankind due to what scientists refer to as “the Sixth Extinction,” which is occurring with rapidity in our natural world (much of it caused by humans). Many nations, including the U.S., are facing increased political and social turmoil as the financial and other institutions that our lives have been built upon shake with instability. And to top it off, there is an increasing awareness worldwide of something happening in our solar system that could change all of reality on this planet, and very very soon.

So in these times of increased unrest and uncertainty, rather than devolving into our “lizard legacy” of fight or flight and the old status-quo ways of withdrawing into our tribalistic and nationalistic behaviors (that are based on fear and misunderstanding), we humans must draw upon our higher-minds and move into our kinder-hearted natures to meet our future with intelligence, wisdom, and a sense of planetary citizenship and stewardship of the network of ecosystems on our world.



Predictions 2017 and Beyond

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By Tom T. Moore

Copyright 2016

I’m a self-trained telepath.  Please understand that we all are telepaths, as we all have the Pineal Gland in the back of our heads.  It’s been known in metaphysical circles as the “third eye” and “seat of the soul,” but so far scientists have only discovered that it produces melatonin.   Any time you think about calling someone and they say, “I was just thinking about you,” those are telepathic messages, along with twins completing each other’s sentences and people who have been married a long time each claiming to have thought to say something first.   Psychics, channelers, and everyone who receives inspirational messages all receive their information through the Pineal Gland.  In a meditative state I ask questions and receive answers from my own Guardian Angel whom I named Theo, and Gaia, the soul of the Earth.  I’m in the 80% to 90% accuracy level, and I’m told that no psychic or channel is 100% accurate.

The U.S. Presidential Race

Let’s first cover the U.S. Presidential race. (more…)