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The Spirit within the flesh manifests itself in numerous ways. One of the most obvious manifestations is in the creative arts including fine art, literature, music, drama, dance..... The arts are unconcerned with matters of mere survival, indeed they suggest something within trying to climb above its finite entrapment. What might seek such escape, other than Spirit? Here we present a selection of creative works, each with an underlying spiritual theme.

Short Scary Ghost Stories offers a growing collection of online ghost stories old and new - fictional and real.

Kids Stories - a collection of unusual and occasionally scary stories for a younger audience.

Songs and poems - a collection of personal works from the very depths of the soul.

Articles from external contributors:

CULTJAPAN! An online guide to the often bizarre, always fascinating world of Japanese cinema - be intrigued, moved, inspired, stimulated - but never bored - by this online guide to the top Japanese movies.

Cult Movies Once in a while a movie comes along that sparks intense, maybe obsessive, interest among a certain group. This portal is dedicated to the finest of this so-called cult genre.

Spiritual Cinema The cinema is one of the most popular forms of human entertainment, and major movie stars comprise some of the best known and highest paid people on the planet. But movies can also serve to inspire as well as entertain. This life imitating art is highly valuable where it brings viewers closer to their Spiritual essence. These articles - and free downloadable e-book - from Bob Kish review a number of popular Spiritual movies.

Spiritual Poetry from inspirational poet Michaela Sefler.

Seeking to Find and other works from Michaela Sefler.

Purpose and other poetry by Michaela Sefler.

Poetry by Klaudia Rogowicz

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