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These poems are provided by kind permission of Michaela Sefler. This article MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED without the permission of the author.

Seeking to Find and other works

Michaela Sefler



And creation is seeking
to find,
itself within
it’s own.
And every man can know,
and each will tell
of the suffering for not,
And intuition
is wisdom interpreted;
in the symbols
coming forth from the soul.
Instructing and awakening
and all shall know,
And each creation is seeking to find,
it’s own answers
within itself,
and all shall know.



Not yet existing;
without a name, or form
potential biding,
and the wars of time, not settling.
The storms are still awaiting,
to take form;
and suddenly,
ravaged is the land.
Undecided we remain
not yet existing,
and taking root will last..
And taking shape,
is a new beginning
a start
awaited for.
And creation holds
awaiting at every moment
to help and shape
attempts learned and internalized.



From the sea .
the word will spread
from the mountains,
and valleys, influence is exuding,
Praises from the heaven,
flowing like water,
adulated states and praising of creation,
is the land and it’s creatures.
From nature expression will flow
a testimony for creation,
distance in between, is reconciled
by the beauty around..
And men inspired,
aiding the vast plan,
and creation is comprised
of multitudes of aspects.
And needing they respond,
and bestow
their gifts,
and await.
And each is part
of another,
a whole,
comprised, and interrelated.



Into the light,
they lead,
for the depth of a matter
they guard.
And even when
the people tarry,
they prevail for them
leading them into the light.
From the depth of the earth
they know, and save,
for the land is calling,
and the people are part o f the earth.



For choosing a way,
yet giving another
is permutation, like numbers and forms,
a truth transcribed into timely response.
And I cry,
for my worth exists
and are high above me
and I attempt yet I withhold.
And the suits,
like cards,
are clear before me,
yet disappear at the touch of my hand.
And I await
and try once again
for I must remember
for this road will lead.



And secrets told,
as rhymes unfold;
opening doors;
for survival is dear.
And in the garden’
they do await,
and the days are as forever,
and liberty
is spoken.
And the birds fill the garden,
appeasing the mind
for all await , hoping
and peacefully the day unfolds.
And secrets are told
and possibility
is still, and all are awaiting.
And closely they hearken,
for the days are getting long
and nights foretell..

Michaela Sefler is a mystical poet, living in Canada.

Her Poetry is esoteric and alludes to ancient ideals. She has 5 published compilations of poetry, Her sixth compilation rooted in eternity will be out soon.

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