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These poems are provided by kind permission of Michaela Sefler. This article MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED without the permission of the author.

Purpose and other poetry

Michaela Sefler


Likeness to eternal forms,
by proximity adulated,
freeing from bondage
are the responses.
body whole,
in relation to a higher soul
In final attempts,
coming together
two making complete,
intent coming through
as clear as breeze.
Distance relative,
at each point
yet coming together in finality,
constant in the creative force.
Progress, are initial attempts
in all areas
at a single point.


A vast field,
singular in beginning
vast in finality.
Expression of different forms
origination from one;
two attempting to restore
that singular expression.
Within is the ability,
acknowledged and expressed
in love rooted
in long ago.
Contemplation remains,
as a resource ;
remembered, for expression yields.


water beneath
air a vehicle;
and fire an active force. warming.
Primary elements,
initial states,
virtue in air, sustenance in water,
stability of earth, eternity in fire.
Water flowing
ground gives,
the seeds take root,
the sun warming, in air are the hopes.
An alter restoring,
lives uniting
broken hopes.
The order of all things,
belongings attributed to primal intent
fire, water, earth and air;
importance dwelling. in a part vital to self.


He dreamt, as he sat
by the side of the road,
the burdens of the times
upon him.
And new beginnings,
he ponders,
for the promise from the heavens
still resounds in him.
And speculating on the mundane,
he aspires beyond,
knowing that beneath his feet,
is possibility still.
The skies are still bright,
and those moments bound;
as he ponders.
As wisdom holds,
the cup of merit
is raised once again,
in adulation.


From the ails,
is an influence complete;
steady steps
of worth.
The forces like the river
waters are the pushing of the ways,
for the heaven's longing,
refraining ,
and paths are open.
And they await as lovers,
waiting change
that will allow
once again.
Steering in between
the turbulent times,
bringing back
their realization.
And nature is their ally
for their laws that govern
are theirs to
Awaiting a return
to initial states
of consciousness.


Breaking down and building up,
friction from the heat;
ascending and descending.
Continual cycle
of change and permanence
sustaining and holding
at moments endured.
Blending of the elements;
creating new beginnings
strength prevailing
at surety of preponderance. of past actions


Predictable, states;
the last of interpretation,
for in the world of action
they do experience.
The blessings from high,
vast before
the soul descend,
supreme channels,
constricting into a realized reality.
into earthly realities
life experiences
through the prism
of creation.
For the preparations,
allowing modes of expression,
for blessed is the soul,
descending and ascending
into worlds to be .


And shortcomings,
still the body
Yet restrained responses,
still withheld
of the will once spoken.
For a men's venture
is only a day,
yet well intended,
are the expression that held.
For influence imparted
like a light
and source of energy
are attempts of man kind touching.
as angels
are attributes reminding
and vitalizing.
And the hopes of mankind,
illuminate the night,
and belonging
aq mystery.
Diverse are the outcomes,
and each taking part,
in it's own moment,
and a tome set apart.


Ascent of signs,
for each man,
exiting within the vast creation.
And one shines
as a shooting star,
for a moment,
The sun holding day and he moon's rays
illuminating endless nights
the setting sun streaked in red
the orange moon, for an instant shown
hidden by the clouds ,transforms the night in an instant.
Hopes ascending,
transforming the eve,
for the duration of their sojourn.
Expectations bringing
reprieve to the people
rising are the signs

info and biography:

Michaela Sefler is an metaphysical   poet living in Montreal, Canada. Her poetry is spiritual and esoteric and
 her poems allude to ancient ideals. In her poetry she draws on  ancient writings, to convey a message of hope, and survival describing present realities in the light of ancient truths. She has six published compilations of poetry. Still true, A fortress in my heart, The sun is hot, Through the ages, and Seven stars., healing tree.

Michaela's seventh book To Summon Angels will be out in january with Redlead Press.