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Spiritual Cinema

The cinema is one of the most popular forms of human entertainment, and major movie stars comprise some of the best known and highest paid people on the planet. But movies can also serve to inspire as well as entertain. This life imitating art sometimes gives cause for concern, eg where on-screen violence is blamed for its real world equivalent. However, it can also be highly valuable, eg where movies bring viewers closer to their Spiritual essence.

The following articles by Bob Kish review a number of popular Spiritual movies.

Baraka Cinematographer Ron Fricke spans the planet blessing you (Baraka means blessing) with an out of this world experience based on earthly experiences.

Box of Moonlight One thing that changed Al Fountain's life could change yours.

Circle of Iron aka The Silent Flute, this movie was a labor of love for Bruce Lee, but it was a project he never saw to fruition.

Collateral Not only a slick typical Michael Mann production with a fast pace, hypnotic soundtrack and crisp acting but at the same time a moving story about dreams deferred. A story that will make you ponder your own life. And that ability to make you look at where you are at in your own life is what contributes to making it a spiritual film.

The Game Do you ever feel stuck in life? Like you're just going through the motions? Stuck in the rat race without any cheese? Is Life getting a little too serious? Maybe you need The Game to wake you up.

The Razor's Edge Bill Murray stars in this movie based on W. Somerset Maugham's classic book.

Have you seen a movie that you considered Spiritual? Please send us a review for publication here.