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Beyond the Veil

Death Evil Free Will Karma Love
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With taxes it is said death is the only inevitability in life. We are born to die. From ashes to ashes. But what is it? The physical organism ceases to function, sheds its vitality. But what of the spirit inside? It is transferred. Released. In fact it returns to whence it came.

Transformation is a far more acceptable, understandable option to our instinct than is destruction. For the physical shell is not destroyed but is slowly transformed to its base constituents.

The other side is neither to be feared nor embraced. It merely is. We seek reassurance there is something more. But the very fact we do should convince us that there is, and we are, something more.

Since spirit begat the physical, spirit may visit the physical any time it wishes. Be not afraid of distance from that which we hold dearest.

And those that are left mourn only for themselves. For those that pass follow an age old path that merely leads back home. Suffer not for thy destinies shall reunite.

The words herein came to me from I know not where, but a source to which I shall refer as spirit.

Death Evil Free Will Karma Love
Mediumship Pathway Pride Psychism Time

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