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Spiritualist Mediums : Messages from Spirit

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This paper documents various psychic readings / messages I received from a number of Spiritualist mediums at my local Spiritualist church following the passing of my father in October 2003 until July 2004.

Prior to the period described I had been attending various spiritualist organisations on and off for some fifteen years. I had been given numerous messages over that time. Many of these did not appear particularly significant, although a small percentage were uncannily accurate.

I made about ten visits in the year or so before my father’s passing, without being given a single message. I started attending weekly again upon realising the severity of my father's illness and after his passing, a time when I was much in need of reassurance. In five attendances I received four messages (from four different mediums) and continued to receive messages regularly throughout the period described. I have also described psychic readings given to other “sitters” at the church where these appear to provide particularly strong evidence for the survival of individual consciousness.

The descriptions which follow are accurate and truthful and have been created with reference to notes I made shortly after each sitting. With regards to messages given to other sitters I can only report what I witnessed, however, having attended this particular church intermittently for around eight years I have no reason to believe any kind of collusion between mediums and sitters was taking place. There is certainly no incentive for fraudulent practice as the church is funded by a voluntary collection and raffle from the twenty or sitters with monthly clairvoyant evenings with an entry charge of £3 (UK).

I would point out that while the messages are reported faithfully and accurately I have been selective in which messages have been reported, ie I have described the messages I believe to be most suggestive of the survival of individual consciousness. I have heard clairvoyant communication likened to a telephone call across a very bad line. Sometimes mediums can misunderstand or misinterpret messages, or even mis-identify the intended recipient. Undoubtedly some mediums are more accurate than others, and individual mediums will have good and bad days.

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Mediums are not fortune tellers. It is not their job or the job of Spirit to tell us what is to come or how to live our lives. Just because a loved one passes to Spirit does not mean they gain access to superior knowledge. Even if Spirit could tell us what was coming and how to approach it such advice may be inappropriate as it would negate the need for us to be alive and to experience for ourselves. Being born, living and returning home are just stages in our evolutionary growth.

The job of Spirit in communicating, either through mediums or directly, is to provide evidence that individual consciousness survives physical death and continues to exist independently of the physical body. And having accepted (the likelihood of) this we may better live our lives in the knowledge that what happens here is but one small piece in a much larger jigsaw.

Psychic readings from mediums fall into three categories. There are those which are so accurate, so much better than “chance”, they leave no doubt that the medium is receiving information that could not be known or deduced by “natural” means. I would say about 10% of messages are of this kind, though when a good medium is flowing s/he can produce a string of these.

There are those messages which are accurate, but vague enough to be good guesses and/or which could apply to many people. The majority are of this kind - perhaps 60%. Taken alone these messages are insignificant fragments. However many insignificant fragments can together form a highly significant whole.

Finally, some messages are not recognized at all by their recipient. These “blanks” form about 30% of messages given in open meetings, though even with these the medium will elicit some “yesses”, perhaps from the desire of the recipient to make contact, or simply out of politeness towards the medium. From personal experience I would add that that some things that do not make sense at the time of the reading often fall into place on reflection afterwards.

Two further forms of evidence come from consistency and recognition. By consistency I mean the same identities and information being offered week after week by different mediums. This is suggestive the information is being received from some medium-independent source. By recognition I mean the ability of mediums to recognize and fellow mediums and healers.

I would finally point out that my background is, and has always been, in the sciences. At school I excelled at mathematics and physics. In later years I gained both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees. For some years I have earned my living from the field of computers. I pride myself on rationality and respectfully present what I honestly believe to be an objective account of events.

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