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Psychic Development, Intuition and the Inner Voice

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By Philippe Byske

Many people have the mistaken belief that some people are psychic and some people are not. Really, however, we all have some degree of psychic ability. The difference in those who we consider "psychic" and those we consider "non psychic" has much more to do with how willing to trust their intuition they are.

Many people feel that they have intuitive abilities and acknowledge this sometimes, perhaps through an incident of synchronicity, or unexplained coincidence. Using your intuition involves trusting the information you receive that way. It is, on a more comprehensive level, "just knowing" something and trusting it despite not knowing how you know.

Psychics may go for years will the inkling that they are "a little bit" psychic without knowing that they can develop that intuitive sense for the benefit of themselves and others. Those seemingly random psychic experiences are clues that we have these abilities. It is up to us to learn to trust them and learn not to block them.

My own first psychic experience happened when I was a young adolescent. I was terrified to stay home alone because of recent news about the kidnapping of a girl my age, but that summer while I was out of school, I had to stay home by myself while my parents worked.

One day I walked into the garage on my way to the mailbox, and as I shut the door behind me, I realized that I had left it locked and I was locked out of the house. It may not seem like a big deal, but I was terrified. I jiggled the doorknob, tried to turn it, but it was hopeless. I was locked out, and I would have to wait in the garage or outside until one of my parents came home.

Then, "something" told me to try the door again. "Yeah, right," I thought. But I did it, and the door was unlocked. It could only have come from a plane other than the physical world in which we live.

The chakras of the body are energy centers that allow us to process information from the physical and spiritual world around us. The ability to feel energy, or clairsentience, belongs to the second chakra, just below the navel. Have you ever had a "gut feeling" that something was wrong? You were processing that information through the second chakra, and it is valuable information.

The fifth chakra is located at the base of the throat, and it is the ability to hear information. This "inner dialog" is how we receive and process "clairaudient" information. This is the sense that told me to try to open the door one more time that day.

Processing information through the seventh chakra is when you "just know" something. This chakra is located on top of the head. Have you, or someone close to you ever just blurted out something from nowhere that happened to be very insightful? It probably reached him or her through the seventh chakra.

The key to developing our psychic abilities is to learn to trust the knowledge that we don't know how we acquired. It is a collection of experiences that builds over time and can't really be forced. We all have psychic abilities to some extent, and we all have the ability to make the best use of our psychic abilities if we will practice and learn.

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