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Revelations - Talking to the Dead

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It was with some trepidation that I sat down to watch a recording of this UK Channel 4 documetary on Spiritualism, as some investigations of this discipline throw objectivity out the window. I need not have worried.

Revelations - Talking to the Dead | Watch online

The reporter admitted to some skepticism at the strat of his study of an established Spiritualist church in Walthamstow, London, but was open-minded enough to give a fair hearing. What followed should provide food for thought for those of all persuausions.

The reporter began by attending open sessions, and though he received a few messages none made much sense. His first revelation came in a developemnt circle when a sitter, a medical doctor of all people, accurately desctribed his grandfather. The doctor admitted he wasn't sure about Spiritualism, he was "75% sure" the grandfather had been present, but on occasion had suvvessfully used Spiritualism to aid patients. After trying Spiritual healing the reporter's long-term back pain seemed to disappear, and had not reurned by the time the narration was added.

The reporte appeared more skeptical about the concept of Spirit guides after being told that a 15th century Persian Arab was assisting with the making of the documentary.

Whether you believe or not there can be little doubt that Spiritualism helps a good many people, even if by the "placebo effect". It certainly does less harm than has been done in the name of other, major, religions. But taking the evidence as a whole one is left with the feeling that, on balance, it's more likely there is a reality beyond this physical plane, a reality fo which we are a part, and, if we are sufficiently open-minded, has the potential to help us along our time in flesh.


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