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How Feng Shui Paintings, Tibetan Thangkas, and Feng Shui Jewelry Can Bring Healing to Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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By Explosion Luck 

Feng Shui paintings and Tibetan thangkas are know to bring good luck to those who use them in their homes and offices, while Feng Shui jewelry is known for bringing good luck to those who wear Feng Shui necklaces and pendants. 

But did you know that Feng Shui paintings, Tibetan thangkas and Feng Shui jewelry can also heal you?

In this contemporary world, stresses assail us from all directions. Our jobs demand we be ever more available, ever more capable to handle any problem thrown at us, ever more dedicated to spending our every waking moment thinking about work. Family life is incredibly rewarding, but it can also sap our energies not only through physical tasks, but through emotional labor. The fast-paced nature of everyday life asks us to be plugged in to technology 24/7, to push through exhaustion and to neglect our bodies and minds. For people seeking to make a major change in their lives, from changing careers to moving cities to starting a family, the pressure to succeed and the fear of change can weigh upon our spirits.

Bringing Feng Shui to your home in simple, healing ways

Thankfully, there are simple, cost-effective, and meaningful ways that we can combat these stresses within the home. Our homes are private spaces in which we should be able to wind down, switch off and relax. This doesn’t mean we don’t keep or use technology in our homes (that would be crazy for most!) but that we use it in moderation and allow ourselves moments and spaces where it does not intrude. This doesn’t mean that those with home offices cannot turn their home into a healing space. Where possible, try to keep your home office in one room and close the door when work is over. But more importantly, we can increase the healing power of our living spaces by creating Feng Shui décor with the help of Feng Shui paintings and Tibetan thangkas.

For those who suffer from generalized stress and exhaustion, the imagery you display in your home can be incredibly powerful. Feng Shui paintings, from spiritual Buddha portraits to contemplative mountain and water scenes, can have a direct influence on our mindsets. Drape a Tibetan tapestry or hang a Feng Shui wildlife painting in your living room, or the first room you enter from the front door, to calm you and remind you that home is a safe, tranquil place.

Carry calming Feng Shui with you

However, your home is not the only place where you can benefit from the calming and healing power of Feng Shui. You can benefit from wearing Feng Shui pendants made of amber and jade to ward against stress and bad luck. Tibetan Thangka pendants inspired by Tibetan thangkas are particularly valuable protective jewelry pieces.  Wear these Buddhist images of spirituality close to your heart to centeryou in even the most stressful moments.

What are your favorite healing Feng Shui paintings and jewelry gifts to keep around your house or on your body? Please share your thoughts with us!

About the Author.  Explosion Luck is a Feng Shui store providing unique good luck gifts for men and women, Feng Shui paintings for prosperity, Tibetan thangkas, moving sand pictures, good luck jewelry, Feng Shui jewelry boxes, sitting Buddha statues, and more.


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