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How to Get the Most from a Psychic Reading

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Despite unprecedented progress in science and technology the late 20th and early 21st century has seen ever-increasing interest in alternative beliefs - the so-called new age movement. This may be seen as a reaction against both the "triumph" of materialism and orthodox, institutionalised religion.

A characteristic of the new age movement is the ever-increasing demand for the services of professional psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, astrologers, tarot readers, palmists, fortune tellers etc.

This short article discusses professional psychics and advises how to get the best from psychic readings.

Psychics of whatever kind do two things. Firstly, they try to tell you things about yourself and your circumstances that they could not possibly know by normal means. Secondly, they often give indications as to what the future might hold.

Where does the Information in Psychic Readings come from?

Spiritual philosophy suggests that physical universe and everything within, including human life, is just part of a much greater reality - termed variously God, source or Spirit. When we are incarnate, part of Spirit individuates (separates itself from the whole). But though individuated it remains part of Spirit. Over the course of evolution the demands of physical survival have distanced incarnate souls ever-further from their Spiritual essence. However, some retain a higher degree of awareness or sensitivity towards Spirit. These are the so-called natural psychics.

Psychic ability is like sporting ability. Not everyone can be Carl Lewis or David Beckham, but with effort and practice we can all improve. However, the pressures of everyday life mean not everyone can devote the time or energy needed to develop their own psychic awareness and so many choose to consult professional psychics. These are usually gifted people, ie those who are naturally sensitive toward Spirit, and/or those who have chosen to develop their abilities to the full.

Some psychics use "tools" such as the positions of planets (astrology), the lines on the hand (palmistry), or cards (eg tarot). These do not necessarily bear a formulaic relationship to personal circumstance; rather they should act as a launching point for psychical interpretation.

How to Choose a Psychic

There are many practicing psychics and it is worth spending some time in finding the right one for you in order that your experience be positive. Despite the cynicism of skeptics I have found most psychics to be genuine, well-meaning people capable of providing information at a level of accuracy significantly exceeding chance.

Personal recommendation from a friend or acquaintance can be a valuable indication of a particular psychic’s quality, as can the testimonials of satisfied clients. However, I believe rapport between psychic and sitter is a vital factor in achieving a successful reading. So don’t assume that because a psychic produced the goods for a friend that s/he will necessarily do the same for you.

If possible, communicate with your chosen psychic before agreeing to pay for a reading. Make sure you instinctively feel comfortable with the psychic and that s/he is on your wavelength.

What to Expect from a Psychic Reading

In my opinion the major function of the psychic is to provide evidence of some reality beyond the purely physical so that we use our time on earth more purposefully and constructively.

All psychic readings should be treated as experimental. More often than not they will be successful. But if not, do not be discouraged. Perhaps the psychic’s energy was low, or that particular psychic just didn’t work for you.

Don’t use psychics as an emotional crutch. Don’t use them to abdicate personal responsibility.

Always remember we have free will. Psychics cannot foretell the future with accuracy, because the future does not exist. It is made through the exercise of the free will of numerous souls clothed in flesh. If a psychic warns a sitter of a plane crash, and that sitter avoids planes, is the psychic wrong?

Spirit does not know everything, but it can view the world from a higher vantage point. What psychics can provide is a greater than accurate assessment of future likelihoods, a bit like using inside knowledge to trade on the stock market. But even insiders can be wrong.

Even if psychics could foresee future, which they can't, it would actually be destructive of them to reveal it to sitters because it would prevent the sitter from learning required lessons and hence fulfilling purpose of their incarnation.

Free Psychic Readings from New and Developing Psychics - fledglingPSYCHIC


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