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The following are just a few of the accounts of paranormal phenomena and other strange experiences that have been sent to me by respondents to my website.

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Telepathy and Healing
When I was a kid, about 7-8 years old, what I used to dream used to happen. Also while asleep, my sister and I used to hold coherent conversations, even though in different rooms. A few months ago, I had this 'inner urge' to go visit a friend of mine. The urge persisted until he died two weeks later of a heart attack at the age of 50. I also seem to have the occasional ability to take other people's illnesses onto myself, curing them but myself being afflicted, which usually clears up in two or three days but really floors me. In showing continued interest in spiritual growth, I seem to have altered my character considerably. I have become more helpful, caring and basically self-sacrificing for others for the simple reason that there's need for it. And to think, I was one hell of a spoilt brat and a real jerk up to the age of 23 or so. I am now 31.
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Angry energy
One day my mother and I had a fight a big one that produced a lot of anger and pressure in me. Plus of some anger that was already bottle up My sister was in the room with me I was in my room and then suddenly my stereo speaker flew off of my bed and into my sister arms.

Another one is that one morning before my alarm clock went off. . . I heard it go off before it was supposed to. . . I then got up becuase I thought it went on. . . then it went off the suddenly it went on at the time it was supposed to go on. The strange part is. . . when it went on the first time supposingly it had a specific song on. . . then when it when off and then came on and the song was at the point where I just left off from.
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Cuckoo clock
As you can see from my responses - I am a beleiver. The most dramatic experience that I had was when one evening some friends dropped in and invited me to accompany them to the house of a common acquaintance whom I disliked. After much persuasion I went with them and when I got there my friend and our host disappeared to fiddle with the music system in another room whilst our hostess and my friend's wife and I were in the drawing room. I was not only bored but very angry. A cuckoo clock kept going off at quarter hours intervals after the second time I suddenly burst out and said "If that bloody clock does that again I shall have to do something drastic". The clock stopped It scared me and of course all in the room. Unfortunately in spite of the fact that I am quite gentle and non-aggressive by nature I have had more than one experience subsequently all connected with anger and all of them destructive in a minor way. Sad. But now I watch my temper.
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Telepathic Love
Years ago,I was deeply inlove with a woman,12 years younger than I,who was also in love with me. But both decided, with inimaginable grief, that our love was quite impossible, and so we said "adieu for evermore" one to another. I have no words to explain how much painful was such a decision for both. We felt that to live separated was worse than dead, but we said goodbye.

At that time,I was working every morning,as a part-time Associated Profesor,at the University,located in another city,30 kms.away.So,at 7 a m. every morning,I entered with my car the motorway by the SOUTH bypass,and then,at 2 p.m.,I went back to my home by the same motorway,leaving it by the SOUTH bypass.I was doing the same route,every day,for 3 years,with no variation in this routine,NEVER.

One morning,2 weeks after our painful goodbye,I was chatting with another profesor,feeling myself absolutely heartobroken and desperate.I drank my coffee,and left the glass on the table.A minute later,as I was paying attention to my collegue's words,I heard a clear sound,turned my head and saw the glass broken.I can not explain why,but I thought-indeed,I felt myself totally sure!-it was a signal.I took my car,I entered the motorway-and I do not remember anything more until I was leaving the motorway via the NORTH bypass,for the very first time in 3 years,after driving 30 hypnotic state.

When I woke up,the STOP signal at the end of the bypass was 10 meters away.So,it was neccesary to brake suddenly.If not,I would crashed with my beloved's car,that was coming to that exact meeting point,at th at exact time. She explained to me:"I knew you was in the University,I knew it was imposible to meet you,but it was imposible for me not to look for you.About 11 a.m.,I was already sure we will not meet.I went back home,desperate,sat down in the kitchen and drank any coffee.I leave the cup on the table,and,as I was there thinking of you,I heard a sound and it was the cup-broken.Then,I said:"Now!".I took the car,and I am here-and you are here!"
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Knowledge of a Death
I had another strange experience. My skydiving intructor in Cambridge died by accident. And at that time I was in Japan. But I had a bad dream that something white was falling down from the sky. I wrote about it to one of other instructors that I had a bad dream. When I posted the letter, I received a letter telling about the death of my instructor. I was really shocked as you probably can imagine. Strange, strange.
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