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The following are just a few of the accounts of paranormal phenomena and other strange experiences that have been sent to me by respondents to my website.

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Spider in the kitchen
A few weeks ago I had a dream about finding a spider above my kitchen sink, I meant to kill it but didn't get around to it. I can't remember dreaming about spiders before. A few days after my wife called me to tell me there was in fact a spider in almost the same place I'd dreamed it. We rarely get spiders in our apartment.
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Prophetic dreams
First story
It happened when I was a student of a prep-school 20 years ago. There was a small mountain in front of the dormitory where I lived and one day there was a small fire on the mountain. It wasn't big, but a few fire engines came and extinguished it. I and a few friends who lived in the same dormitory were looking at it. After a few minutes, I felt a strange feeling. It seemed I had seen the same scene somewhere before. Then I remembered that I had seen it in my dream a few months previously. That dream came true.

Second story
I don't remember when it happened exactly, but it was probably a few years ago. One night, I dreamed that my co-worker was in a taxi wearing mourning clothes. I don't remember it exactly, but she was in the taxi and crying. I looked at her from upper side of the taxi like a spirit. After getting up, I didn't understand why I dreamed such a strange kind of dream. I didn't know the meaning of the dream afterwards. When I went to my office, I was informed that my co-worker's mother had been killed in a traffic accident and she was absent that day. I was surprised to hear that and was even more astonished to learn that her mother had died at the same time I had my dream.
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Baby dreams
One year during the night before Thanksgiving I dreamed that my sister-in-law was pregnant. I told my husband about it the next day and when he talked to her on the phone Thanksgiving Day he asked her if she was pregnant. When she said no he told her to expect it because I d dreamed that she was. I had had several dreams concerning other women I knew who 'd turned out to be pregnant after I dreamed about them being so. I had the same dream the following Saturday night and reported it to my husband the next morning. When he spoke to his sister on Christmas that same year she said "I wasn t going to tell anybody yet but yes. I m one month pregnant." That spring her doctor told her it was going to be a boy but I dreamed it was a girl. My husband told my mother-in-law who in turn told my sister-in-law. The baby was born--a girl.
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Knowledge of a date
My mother was dying of lung cancer and I was as you can imagine totally devastated. I cried buckets of tear and prayed for a miracle cure but when things got so bad I gave up and asked God to please let me know the date that she would die so that I may be prepared. Silently in my mind I went through the days of the month and it seemed different when I reached the number 28. At that moment I said out loud to my husband mom will die on the 28th. He didn t answer me and I just let it go. She went into a coma on the 27th and died at 4am on August 28th 1997.
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Knowledge of things to come
I often know what a person is going to say before they say it. I sometimes know when the phone will ring. sometimes I know what someone wants before they ask. I have known the outcome of many situations A death of a family member, an illness undiagnosed, a divorce, job losses and positive events as well- the day a child would be born, the sex, how it would be born, presents that people have bought etc. All of these without prior 'hints' or 'predictable nature' Several things I just 'know' -that are unstated or even 'secrets'
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Several Ouija board experiences whin I was about 7 years old. On at least two occassions I saw someone in a car before that car and person arrived. Saw a person in a room 'bound and gagged'. Same individual was later killed bound gagged strangled . Saw 'ghost of living person' walk into a storage room and disappear. Person was elsewhere in building. Event also wittnessed by a second party.
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deja vu
I have had several instances where I have dreamed of a certain place and several weeks or even a year later I came to that exact place. I have heard someone say that it was some sort of misfire of a brain synapse or something to that effect but I remember waking from the dream and how vivid it was. I know that it wasn t just a glitch in my brain.
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When I was very young my parents had won a boat through a mail-in offer. All they had to do was go the 60 miles to pick it up. They planned on getting it the next day but both of my parents woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible notion that they should not go. They didn t know why but the feeling was mutual. The following day as the news came on my dad saw something that shocked him. There were multiple deaths in a car pile up on the route they were to take. The boat was never thought about again.
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