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The following are just a few of the accounts of paranormal phenomena and other strange experiences that have been sent to me by respondents to my website.

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Out-of-body experience
About ten years ago I experienced a strange happening. After I went to sleep, suddenly I found I couldn't move. Then I rose up in the position I was lying. I reached the ceiling, and then turned right around 90 degrees. And I turned left around 90 degrees. Finally I fell down (came back) to my own body.
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Lights, Kanashibari and a UFO
I work as an English teacher in Japan. The other day I taught a lesson on mysteries. Two students in the class told me about their strange experiences. One student told me how on the night her grandmother died the lights and tv in her house were flickering. Another told two stories. The first of a Japanese kanashibari, he had gone to bed but hadn't fallen asleep when he heard the sound of someone breathing. He'd been unable to move even though he could see the light outside his room. The same gentleman told of how he'd seen a UFO with friends one afternoon. It was an orange light that had moved woth a strange trajectory. He was convinced that it could not have been a plane or other known object.

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When I was 5 or 6 years old I was walking along a path about 20m from my home when I found a row of coins half buried in the ground. There were 1 Yen, 5 Yen, 10 Yen, 50 Yen (old type), 50 Yen (new type) and 100 Yen coins; one of each denomination. Strangely all the coins were standing at the same angle (about 60 degrees) and with the same spacing between them. I picked up two or three coins and went back home to tell my mother about this. One or two minutes later I took my mother to the place where the coins had been, but there was nothing; no coins and no marks in the ground where they'd been.
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Out-of-body experience 2
When I was 10 years old I was running home because I was late for my curfew. As I ran up a hill I began to get side-stich- that sharp pain in your side. I kept running because I was afraid of being late. I began to feel as though my running was meeting a mushy resistance. I looked about myself and I was high in the air. There was a cord connecting me to the little mechanical body that was running up the hill. My initial thought was to wonder how the little mechanical body was managing without me. I anticipated that soon the body would reach a street where neighbors would say hello and expect a response. I immediately became aware that if there was a need occurring to the body that I would instantly be rejoined with it. This insight freed me to travel home. I instantly arrived and found myself bodiless in the corner on the ceiling of our family kitchen. I heard my father say 'Give her a few minutes. She probably just lost track of the time.' With that I was reassured that I was not in trouble for missing my curfew and I was instantly without any thought or effort rejoined with the little mechanical body that was my body . My body was several hundred yards further along the path to my home. Apparently it had continued on just fine without me.
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A win and a ghost
I've only had two experiences that could be called remotely paranormal, both happened around the age of 11 or 12. My father always let me pick a line on the football pools, and this particular Saturday was the start of our family holiday - all day long I kept saying "I'm going to win the pools" with a great sense of belief. On checking the results I found I'd won a minor dividend. I've never before or since felt or expressed such confidence in the outcome of a game of chance, and the odds of winning even a minor dividend are relatively small - in doing the pools now for over 20 years I have averaged something less than one win a year.

The second followed the death of a certain tv personality, one of my first experiences of the death of someone I was familiar with (albeit via the media). I felt both sad and confused - anyway at some point in the night I woke up and saw this face looking down at me - I can't say I recognised it as the person in question, but it was there for long enough for me to be sure that I was awake.
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Ball of light
One night several years ago I awoke to find my room completely bathed in a white light similar to a camera flash but constant. I turned over to see a small ball of light perhaps the size of a marble in the center of the room. At first I thought I was dreaming but I continued to stare at the light for some time perhaps ten minutes or more. The light would slowly move about and I could see the shadows shifting in the room as it moved. I could also see the ghost images left on my eyes that happens when you stare at a bright light . The light eventually faded and disappeared. I was never able to understand what this light was. I am certain it was not ball lightning because it was so small and at times remained perfectly still and was a perfect sphere. Also it never touched the ground or moved vertically. Only horizontally and even that was only a few feet back and forth.
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A Presence in the Night
I had a bad or strange experience while I was there. I do not know if that was something connected with spiritual matter or not. Before I settled in the apartment in Hampstead, I rent a room of a large Victorian house in Golders Green. It was a big house and I was in the top room of that house. One night, maybe almost midnight, I woke up feeling something on my body. It was very heavy so I could not move. I could not say anything and could neither lift my arms nor legs. I could not remember how long it lasted, but suddenly I felt light, and I became able to move my body.

I was cared, and next day, I talked about it to my friend who lived my house. Actually she was the one who introduced me to the landlord of that house. She hesitated for a moment, but finally said that the person who rented the room before me sometimes did black magic in that room. I was horrified.
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I believe my friend is a reincarnate of her grandmother. She was born a week after her grandma died. Her grandma had a spot on her scalp about the size of a silver dollar and it was bald too. Before she died she assured her grieving relatives that she will be back so they should be happy.All through her illness she keptt elling her daughter my friends mother that she will one day be her mother. My friends mom thought she was saying that because she was pregnant at the time and was taking care of her sick mom. Anyway after a week of the old woman's death my friend was born and she had the same bald patch same size and position.

The family was shocked and they took my friend to see a doctor who could not explain the bald spot.He just called it a birth mark. My friend on the other hand looks at old family pictures of relatives she has never met or people that died years ago and can identify them by name. She is a very unique person and though she does not entirely believe in reincarnation she is aware of some paranormal at play in her life.
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