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Modern Spiritualism

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Descriptions of clairvoyance: Nov. 1997 | Oct. 1997 | Sep. 1997

Spiritualism is the belief that human consciousness (or spirit) survives physical death and is able to communicate with those remaining on the earth-plane, usually via a go-between called a Medium. Spiritualist mediums are able to relay messages from Spirit providing reassurance that loved ones continue to exist and offering guidance on earthly affairs.

In 1937 a Church of England Committee was appointed by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to investigate Spiritualism. The resulting Majority Report was signed by seven members of the Committee, including the Bishop of Bath and Wells, the Dean of St Paul's, the Nolloth Professor of the Christian Religion at Oxford, a Harley Street Psychologist and a Barrister-at-Law. It found that certain outstanding psychic experiences of individuals, including certain experiences with mediums, make a strong prima facie case for survival and for the possibility of spirit communications while philosophical, ethical and religious considerations may be held to weigh heavily on the same side. The report was subsequently suppressed by the Church.

Many Spiritualist Churches exist throughout the UK, here I present a brief description of just one, my local church that I have been attending intermittently over the past two years; initially out of curiosity, but more recently from a growing strength of faith. This church holds regular Sunday evening services, weekly healing meetings, evenings of clairvoyance as well as other events eg Psychic Fayres.

It appears that the spiritual development of an individual may take place in two ways, the path of healing and that of clairvoyance or mediumship. Although some seem to be born with gifts in this direction it is said that all possess some degree of psychic ability which may be developed by sitting in a "circle" for the purpose of mind-training and visualization under the guidance of an experienced Medium.

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A typical Sunday evening service proceeds as follows:

  • A welcome from the chairman followed by an opening hymn
  • A period of quiet reflection and an opening prayer from the guest Medium
  • The Lord's Prayer is sung
  • The Healing Intercession, in which a prayer is said and names are read from the healing book, the sitters are asked to repeat aloud the names, the Healing Hymn is sung
  • There is a reading on a spiritual topic, usually from one of the sitters
  • A free-will offering hymn is sung, during which a collection is taken; a prayer is then said for the offerings
  • The Medium is invited to give an address, a talk on some aspect of spirituality; sometimes the address is channeled from the Medium's Spirit Guide
  • Another hymn, and then the Medium presents a demonstration of clairvoyance in which he/she gives psychic readings (messages from Spirit) to the sitters to establish proof of survival
  • The vesper is sung, then there is a closing prayer from the medium; a few notices usually follow and members of the congregation are invited to stay for tea and biscuits

I am struck by the inclusiveness of spiritualist prayers; mention is always made of the animal kingdom and those of all faiths who are in need. I am also greatly impressed by the sincerity of the members of this church.

I now give some descriptions of clairvoyant demonstrations that I have witnessed at the church; no apology is made for poor writing style as these records are presented as they were made. Descriptions are included simply as being those records that I took the trouble to make at the time and are representative of all my experiences.

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Clairvoyant Evening - Nov. 1997

Woman in her 30's, with an older man. The Medium told her he had a woman with her - grandmother, that she had been busy with her hands, then said this woman had passed when things were difficult on earth plane - the man with her strongly agreed, in spirit she viewed things differently and was able to forgive and forget. Gave a name, John, which was recognized as an uncle and also that he needed healing thoughts sent out to him. Then said the grandmother had her baby with her in spirit and told her that she'd had a miscarriage (medium was very positive about this - telling rather than asking) which was correct. Said that she would soon hear a young voice and find things being moved around the house - again the man with her recognized this. Said someone was slamming doors around her - in fact was her children. Told her she had had chance to live abroad but hadn't come off but that she would spend a number of years living and working abroad.

P, one of the church regulars, and a healer (who sits with his hands palms up), came to him after he placed the name Margaret. The Medium told him that he had an Indian guide with him and also that he'd become a healer after receiving healing himself - correct. Gave two names and a dog which were recognized, also told him he had trouble with his knees, correct again. Gave smell of fresh baked bread and a woman - recognized as a baker's that had fascinated him as a boy. Spirit guide showed himself sitting in a taxi - medium interpreted as meaning this man would always have transport when needed. Also gave 2 dates not recognized but which man would take away and check.

An elderly man - the Medium told him he'd been feeling poorly recently. Gave him a name and someone who'd served in the RN during W.W.II - both recognized A date was given that wasn't recognized Then said had a son who was "distant" who would soon be getting in touch - the distant son was recognized as one of the man's 6 sons.

A man around 40 - the Medium told him he was sensitive - man agreed, also that he'd had a number of experiences - yes again - this man had sat in a development circle. Gave an army link not immediately recognized then the name of David, a relative who'd been in the army. Before that he said someone who'd passed in uniform - not recognized Told him he'd had problems with an ankle - correct.

Woman in her 50's - the Medium said she had talents but was reluctant to use them. Said she had a nun with her - she'd been told this before. She was a medium who often told people things - she agreed. A woman with her who looked exactly like her - she placed as grandmother. Told her she would soon be holding a baby - didn't know, but she had been told this before. Then said she never stopped eating chocolate - she never ate chocolate, then pointed at her mother who it applied to. Gave them 2 names which were taken and identified problems with a wrist that was true.

At this point came through with a man who'd drowned - gave a name Peter Flavell - the Medium asked just the row he'd been working with then asked anybody. This man had been out on a fishing boat and not returned. Nobody recognized, even after saying that he'd worked as a milkman. Asked people to pray for this man.

Woman behind me - the Medium told her she looked relaxed but hadn't always been so. Said quite general stuff about she had one more decision to make then things would sort selves out. Also warned her to be wary of someone who may be trying to do her out of some money.

Myself. The Medium told me I'd had spiritual experiences, I replied no experiences but I was very interested. He quoted the experience of "someone walking over your grave" which I do get and had had a few times in past few weeks. Gave me a man who was upset at losing an Alsatian dog - I said I couldn't place but more remotely can think of someone I once knew. Then asked if I'd been having trouble with a watch like problems with the battery - No (BUT afterwards I remembered a temperamental bedside clock, and also problems with camera battery). Then said had I been working with wood - or someone around me - No again. Said he could see a black poodle with me - had to say I couldn't place this again. Left me with name of Tom - an uncle, which I placed.

Woman in her 40's with her family. The Medium gave her someone with a "broken finger" - her son, and also that he liked football and got angry if he couldn't play - correct again.

One of the regulars and his wife. The Medium said he had an Indian in a turban with him. Gave a name in life, Don, that was recognized then said he'd just retired, didn't know what to do with himself and was a little withdrawn and needed drawing out more. Man took this as accurate. Then gave someone who, because of problems had needed to spend some time away from home (prison?) this was recognized, told woman that he would settle but still had more to learn. Gave someone interested in watching stars - her daughter - and also that she liked to write things down - correct. Told woman that she'd come a long way with spiritual development but that she had to choose between healing and psychic development. Said she'd been healing someone with a bad back - didn't recognize this but said she may have been sending out thoughts.

Wife of one of the church organisers. The Medium told her she'd been poorly recently and that she "thought her time was up" recognized - but that she had more to do. Said they'd been away together recently - not recognized That she had a sister of mercy with her - both recognized this - that she was always with her and when her time came to pass she would lead her by the hand.

Then asked who hadn't had a message - an old man had his hand raised by his family. The Medium gave name of Agnes bit this was recognized by the woman next to him. Said she'd been called Gert - woman said this was her daughter. Gave a man with a pot belly - a stern and well spoken man who'd been very strict in life - woman seemed to recognize this - man said he'd had love but didn't always show it. Woman used to visit a house alive with spirits where floorboards creaked - woman recognized and also said they used to drop things. Medium gave her 2 sisters who lived there that she didn't recognize and fact that she was always getting blamed as a girl - which she was.

Finally came to old man - the Medium gave name he recognized and told him he didn't find it so easy to talk to people any more - agreed, also that he sometimes had experience of feeling himself leaving his body he agreed. Medium said this was actually happening. And that he saw shadows in the corner of his eye and that these would take on shape and form. Man agreed.

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Sunday Service Oct. 97

In her address the medium told of how she used to belong to the Salvation Army but used to see spirit during their services. She had an argument with her husband over wanting to work for spirit. His grandmother used to be a trance medium and he felt that if she was to follow then his grandmother would have come back and told them, while cleaning the bath a woman appeared and said she was Caroline Annie Hislip(?) her husbands grandmother, she showed her a cameo brooch and said it was to be found in a certain tin in her husbands garden shed. She told her husband who confirmed she had given the right name - he then retrieved the brooch from the tin.

"In spirit we are only a whisper away" Spirit told her to provide a "smokers bench" for the garden of a hospice for those who needed to spend time outside (due to stress etc.) to sit on - she was told to put this inscription together with the praying hands. She continued about being like a tree that we do not become so big or self important that we block out the light for others but rather be there to provide shelter when needed.

Clairvoyance: the medium asked if there were any present who'd never had a message. She then spent the session talking to those people.

A man, she told him that he'd been down recently, almost as low as can be. There had been a passing quite recently, which he confirmed, and also that he had been having problems at work, again he confirmed. She said Christmas would not be as bad as he feared - he said he hoped not. She said he felt alone in his darkest moments, and told him that he was never alone.

A woman. Someone young around her she was concerned about, mentioned an eating disorder which was confirmed. She went on to advise about helping with the mind rather than the emotions. Gave the woman a man grandfather? name of Arthur in military uniform. The woman recognized this.

A woman. Have moved or had change round recently - woman said yes - both. Told her not to look backwards. Told her she was going to get the curtains she'd been after which was recognized

A man - told him he wasn't afraid of animals which he said was true. Something about a black and white collie dog - he said maybe when he was a child. Also told him that he liked things made of wood. It turned out that he worked with wood.

A woman - told her she loved nature, outdoors and little animals such as rabbits and squirrels.

A little girl. Told her she wasn't afraid of spirit and that she believed in fairies, gave her a white bunny rabbit that had died, girl took this (hesitantly?) also said someone had a musical keyboard, her father had, told her to practise on it and not worry about looking silly because she would one day be a natural musician. Also told her to continue with writing because she would one day write very good poetry.

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An evening of clairvoyance Sept. 1997. There were 34 people in the audience including the two who run the church and the medium's wife and daughter. Among the other 30 were 2 children.

The medium began with a prayer giving thanks for the life of Mother Teresa, who he called Sister Teresa. He punctuated his demonstration with a number of jokes. The medium is a jovial cockney and seemed to develop a good rapport with his audience. I suppose that during the period of around an hour he spoke to about 15 people (i.e. 50% of the audience) including myself.

My message was that this year had been a time of change and that there was change ahead from the end of this year and into next year, this is certainly true as I've quit my job and retrained in TEFL teaching and am due to take up an appointment in Japan in Jan 98. He said that the changes were occurring on 2 levels, spiritual and material, and that a "sister of mercy" was standing by my side. He gave me the name William or Bill (?) and two grandmothers, I told him one grandmother was living. Also a man with a garden full of chrysanthemums, again whom I couldn't place, though my granddad liked gardening.

Many of his messages were fairly brief and general, like you are going through a time of reflection or are looking to the future and have decisions to make. He seemed to dot about the audience from side to side and moved up to stand by the person he was addressing. The most remarkable "hit" was to a woman (a regular I think) at the back - he quoted the name Arthur which she took and then gave Fred and Bert - he then said there's a brown and white dog about so high just walked in at which point the woman broke down and had to be comforted by her companion (daughter?)

At one point he asked if anyone could take the name Green - one of the regulars who is also involved with the running of the church took it - the medium said he saw British Legion links and the word anniversary and he was asking the man to remember old memories linking to W.W.I and II. Another time he asked if there were any London links - a lot of people including myself said yes - one woman said she wasn't from London but her grandfather was - the medium described the man as being short e.g. 5ft1 (rare) and a true cockney, which the woman took, he then went on to say he was wearing an old tweed suit, cap, muffler and waistcoat - which the woman didn't recognize - he gave her 2 surnames I think Harrison and Williams which she also didn't recognize

He said to one woman she was sending out healing thoughts for someone which she took, she was with her mother and he spent some time with the two of them telling the daughter that she would get the chance to go on a short holiday at the end of Oct. which she should do. He gave a few visual links to the pair they didn't take e.g. someone stealing washing from a line and a postman falling from his bike scattering letters everywhere. He also said they had family scattered all around the Kent area.

He told another woman that she was very spiritual which she took - she had a priest by her side, he gave this woman a military connection - a man who passed on the Somme in the royal engineers, he wore a blue and white armband. He gave a message to the 2 who run the church - the name Rose was given which D took as her mother, he told K that he would soon be giving out a lot of healing energy and saw him leading a meeting of healing. K said that they were thinking of starting a healing circle.

He told one man that he would have soon have decisions to make and that there was someone in spirit who looked very much like him and asked him to check back in the old photo albums. He came to a youngish girl at the front and told her that she was thinking of two possibilities for the future neither of which people would expect from a girl like herself - she agreed with this - he said that at the moment she couldn't see how they could happen but by March she would be in a position to make a choice. He finished by coming to a young boy at the front and simply said that he was a real character and had great ability and that as life unfolded he would be very successful.

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