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The Web is a truly incredible medium both for expanding knowledge and awareness and for interacting with kindred souls. We have attempted to list some of the the best resources available on the Web to assist you along your journey. These sites have been chosen for quality rather than quantity, so hopefully you'll find them beneficial. We are always happy to participate in reciprocal Link Exchanges with other relevant, quality sites that will be of value to our visitors. If you would like to propose a candidate site, please let us know.

Resources are provided under the headings of: new age spirituality | parapsychology | survival and reincarnation | astrology and tarot | the occult | paranormal phenomena

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom A non-profit organisation founded by Michael Roll to present the secular scientific case for survival after death.

Children's Past Lives Children remember their past lives spontaneously, without hypnosis or prompting. Learn the truth from cases, articles, research, a discussion forum. If your child has past life memories, get answers and support here.

First Spiritual Temple A Non-Denominational Christian Spiritualist Church. Its fundamental doctrine states that God is Spirit, we are Spirit, our departed loved ones are Spirit, our "enemies" are Spirit; and that is how we are all connected. Of particular interest are its Spiritual Teaching Pages.

Free Past Life Regression Course 30 Days to Past Life Memories is now available free of charge. Also Past Life Regression CD and download offer.

In Another Life Streaming video, reincarnation accounts, articles and book reviews related to reincarnation.

International Association for Near-Death Studies Providing reliable information about near-death experiences, and giving resources for more information, local support groups, annual conference, a message board, and more.

Near Death Experience Research Foundation The Foundation is devoted to the study of NDE and support of those experiencing NDE and related experiences. It claims the "largest selection of published NDE accounts in the world."

Parapsychology and personal survival after death Parapsychology and testimony in favor of personal survival after death.

Psychomanteum Research is for the purpose of studying how contacting the dead affects the symptoms of grief. Online Spiritualist Church Services with Spiritualism Chat Forum.

The Spiritualists' National Union Website of the largest Spiritualist Organisation in the UK.

Spiritualist Association of Great Britain The Association offers workshops, open circles, trance sitting, open platforms, training/mentoring, specialist weekends, development classes, Sunday Spiritualist church service, Spiritual and other forms of healing, daily demonstrations of clairvoyance, sittings with resident mediums and a psychic artist.

Recommended reading

Exploring Reincarnation: The Classic Guide to the Evidence for Past-Life Experiences; Hans Tendam. “The great definitive work on reincarnation; it is hard to imagine it ever being superceded.” (Colin Wilson, author of The Occult)

Lessons from the Light: What We Can Learn from the Near-Death Experience; Kenneth Ring, Evelyn Elsaesser Valarino. "... the culmination of Kenneth Ring's rich and extensive career as the foremost researcher of the NDE. One of the very best books on the subject to date, it is a must read for anyone interested in life's possibilities." (Sukie Miller Ph.D., author of After Death: Mapping the Journey and director of The Institute for the Study of the Afterdeath.

Life After Life : The Investigation of a Phenomenon--Survival of Bodily Death; Raymond Moody. First published in 1975, this classic sparked mass interest in the near death phenomena. "It is research like Dr. Moody presents in his book that will enlighten many and will confirm what we have been taught for two thousand years -- that there is life after death." -- Elisabeth Kubler Ross, M.D.

The Unbelievable Truth: A Medium's Guide To The Spirit World; Gordon Smith. Internationally acclaimed medium Gordon Smith has been studying the world of spirit for many years. In this extraordinary book, he takes a close look at the subjects that have fascinated and amazed people for centuries: life after death, reincarnation, the afterlife, and experiences of heaven and hell.

Spiritualist Books offers a selection of some of the best Spiritualist books ever written in association with (the world's largest bookstore).

More books on Spiritualism, reincarnation, near death experiences (NDEs)

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